Monday, November 17, 2014

Annalise Faith: 11 Months

Gee Whiz!  I cannot believe my sweet girl will be ONE in a few short days and I am just now posting her 11 month update...shame on me again!! 
At least I am still TRYING to keep up with this rather than let her updates fall completely on the wayside.

This past month she has truly started transforming from a little baby into a toddler.  She is eating table food 90% of the time with the exception of the baby food to go pouches. Those are a lifesaver for busy families I tell ya.
One day she was starved the grocery store and I knew there was not way she would make it until we go home so I swung by the baby aisle and popped one of those babies in her mouth and we were all good until supper time.  Hey, I paid for it!! Ya, gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes right?

Annie has reached a few more milestones this month
*Mastered-pulling up.  She pulls up on just about anythign and everything, including my leg and then holds onto it until I pick her up.  I have to say I love it when she does this.
*Mobility- Crawling 90% of the time unless we need to lock her up in her high chair, bouncer, or walker (hey, shes into everything)
*Favorite Thing- Her favorite thing is bath time now.  I can put her in the tub anytime we are having a melt down or super fussy and it completely changes her 'tude.  She loves to help me take a bath too, I normally end up soaked by time we are done.
*Playtime- she is playing up a storm.  Her cousins can come over and she is finally able to interact and actually what I consider "play"  it was so much fun to just watch them with each other.
*6 teeth.  Yup, and she has mastered biting- if you put your fingers in her mouth.
*Pigtail- we finally have a long enough "sprout of hair" and we can put it up.  It is so cute!!!
*Weight and height- ill my tiny string bean. Weighed in at 17 lbs 6 oz and 28 inches at her last dr. apt.

Now we'll let the pictures do the talking!!