Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Little Pink Drink Called Plexus

So as most you know (family and friends) I started my Plexus journey a month ago.  Let me tell you something... I love this drink. I don't know what it does that gives me so much energy but its awesome!!

One of my good friends has been selling the stuff for about 6 months now and I had been hem hawing the idea around of trying it but never bit the bullet. 
Finally, after talking it over with the hubs I decided to give it a go and sign up as an ambassador.
I did this hoping that I could get enough sells so that it would allow my product to eventually be FREE.
I mean really, who doesn't love free. 

So, I purchased my ambassador pack and signed up.
 Filled out my website info, etc, etc.
Then, I started posting on facebook and finally got a bite. My first order. 
And then another, and another. 
All in a month!!!
I finally got my product for free.

Meanwhile, during the time all that was happening and me posting twice a day on facebook I continued to drink my pink drink and take my accelerator twice a day. 

Now a month out and I am down 5 pounds!! 
And, I am getting my next order of Plexus Slim and Accelerator for Free.

As you can tell in the pictures, my tummy is shrinking and those pesky love handles!!
Oh yea!!

Baby weight be gone!!

If you have any questions on Plexus let me know. 
I would love to help you reach your weight loss goals!!

If I can do it, You can too!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014



Sorry ya'll. I have been kinda MIA the last oh ummmm 15 weeks I think. 
With the craziness of getting moved in.  Feeling huge and a million gagillion things to do I just kinda needed a break from the world of blogging.  I really hope I can get back on track once little Annalise is here.  I am SO ready for her to be here!!

I cannot believe I am already 36 1/2 weeks.  It is insaine!  Where or where did all the time go.... like for real?  Its just gone and this little baby will be here anytime now.

Monday I will finally have my appointment where they start "checking" me to see if I am dialated or not.  Lord please tell me I am.  I feel that at any given moment this little bambino will just fall out of me.  Seriously!  No, Seriusly I do.

As far as the house, we are finally moved in!! Settle in, and unpacked for the most part.  We still have a ton of boxes in the office (my craft stuff) to take care of but  honestly I am not worried about it until I can get a few things to make the office look like the office.. Like bookshelves would be nice!!

Othere than that I have everything pretty much done and ready to go for Miss Annalise's arrival.  I just need to pack my bag for the hospital and get Aaron to put her carseat in the car and I think we'll be pretty set.

As far as her nursery.  Ya'll I cannot wait to show you.  It turned out so much better than I ever imaagined.  It is so peaceful, calm, and just beautiful.  I wish she could tell me how much she loves it as a baby so I would have the full satisfaction that I did good.  But I know she can't.  I guess just knowing how it makes me feel when I walk in her room is going to have to be good enough for now.

I promise I will try to update ya'll soon on everything else going on. 

In the mean time I will just leave you with a  little picture of our sweet girl at my 32 week 3D ultra sound.  I mean look at those cheeks!!!  Cant wait to plant my kisses all over them!!

Its been forever....

Golly, its been forever since I wrote on here.
I sure do miss this place and all of you out there in blog wonderland.
Hopefully now that life has slowed down gotten a little less chaotic 
I can get back to random posts about our everyday grind. 

First things first I have something I want to share with you!
I am selling a product called Plexus. 
I just signed up as an ambassador a little over a month ago and I am totally excited for the new journey ahead of me.
This product so far is amazing.

I have more energy than I have had in a long time and I am just so excited about it I want to share it with you.

I have now been on the product for one month. 
Yes, just one month as of yesterday (4 weeks) and I am already down 5 pounds.
Doesn't sound like a lot though does it?
I didn't think so either honestly but I have been stuck in a rut of getting off these last 10 pounds of baby weight since February....FEBRUARY!!
Its finally helping in whatever area it is to help me reach my goals and I am LOVING it!!

Second, my baby girl is 6 months old!!

I just can't believe how fast these months have flown by.
How much I love her to pieces.
And how incredibly blessed I am to be a mommy to such a special little girl.
Y'all she seriously melts my heart everyday.

She loves to grab my face now and give me kisses.
She rests her head on my shoulders at night as I sing to her.
She giggles when we play tickle monster.
Gosh, I could just go on and on.

So yea, in a nutshell that's what new over in the Evans household. 
I really hope I can find time to keep up with blogging, as I sure have missed it.

I'm eager to update y'all with Annie's month the month updates and also how I am doing post baby and the lovely weight loss adventure.

Keep your eyes open as I'll be back soon....
This time for real y'all.