Monday, March 7, 2016

Annalise- 2 year Update

****I have been really slacking as usual on keeping up with the sweet baby girl.  I really wish I could do these more than 6 months later than they should be.  But alas here we are nearly 5 months after her 2nd birthday and I am finally getting around to writing this post.****

November 19, 2016

You are TWO Baby Girl!!!
You still amaze me everyday and I fall more in love with your goofy, funny, sweet, independent personality.  You are one of a kind my dear!  One. Of. A Kind!!  You are still as stubborn as can be when it comes to getting your way but you do just want to do it yourself half the time.
And Lord forbid, if daddy or I try to help you.  You like to do everything on your own!

As far as discipline goes you listen well for the most part but sometimes if you are too determined to do something that will harm your or that you shouldn't be doing you have to go to timeout and you always throw the BIGGEST temper tantrum the entire time your a running to timeout.  A few times we have had to keep the baby gate up in front of you or you wont stay in time out... and you get so mad at us!!  For the most part though you are learning your manner very well.  You can say yes, and no and we are still working on getting you to say yes ma'am and yes sir.

Prayers at night are going OK.  Sometimes you seem to be in your own little world and daddy and I have to literally put your little hands together to show you how to pray but at the end of every prayer your kiss your little hands up the Lord just like Daddy so we know you hear us in that little head of yours!!

Playtime is getting so fun.  You are into everything little one!!  So far we haven't experienced you getting into too much trouble except with your colors. Girl you love to color and you love to color on things other than your coloring books.  I have caught you coloring on your play chairs and tables, the floor and your walls in your room.  And then you proudly proclaim. "I COLOR!"  Yes, baby you did.  But were not supposed to color on things besides our paper!!  You are also learning to love on your babies finally though Daddy and I find it quite comical when you put your babies in timeout.  you hit them and you shove their little baby doll bodies against the wall.  You are quite the mean disciplinarian, much unlike myself because daddy says I'm too soft with you. You love to wipe and clean anything with your baby wipes.  I have started to buy extra just because if i use one on you then you have to go and use on your baby.  I swear you have the cleanest baby on the block!  You are always gently wiping her face and her hands. You are my sweet little girl.  You Snow White doll is still you favorite baby and you carry her everywhere.  But you tend to do ok if we forget to bring her, which I am grateful for!

Eating.  You have started to become a little more picky but you usually will at least try everything once.  You still love Bananas.  I think you could eat bananas all day and be a happy girl.  I now have to limit you to just one a day because they don't do too well on your tummy.  You love any kind of meats and cheese.  Girl you like you some cheese, just like daddy!  You still take a sippy cup at night but we only give you about half a cup now.

Sleep:  You are still the most excellent sleeping baby I have ever been around.  You go down anywhere between 7 pm and 8 pm depending on your mood and are up by 7 on the weekends.  You still take awesome naps and I am so thankful for that time on the weekend to catch up on everything so I can spend more time with you in the afternoons. You sleep from about 12:30 until 2:30 and you always wake up the best of moods and give the best hugs when you wake up.

Growth- Weighing in at just 25 pounds and 34 inches tall.

You are growing into a wonderful little person and we just love you so very much sweet girl.  I can't wait to see you grow, learn and develop more into the wonderful person that God graced us with.
We love you angel!!

Mommy and Daddy!!