Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homemade Chicken Enchilladas

Oh. My. Gosh. Ya'll.  The other night me and the hubbs were trying to decide what to make for dinner and he suggested Chicken Enchiladas.  We are on this so called "diet" ya know so I was a bit hessitant but I thought what the heck, I am tired and it can't be too hard, even though I haven't ever made them before!
Well, I was right.  They weren't hard to make at all and guess what's even better?  They turned out amazing.  So amazing that I had to go back for just one more!

So we went to the store to pick up a few items. I was lacking for one, chicken and the other some cheese and some tortillas.  Ya can't really make enchilladas without that right?

So I got home with my items and pulled out two cans of Old El Paso Enchilada sauce and just followed the recipe on the back for the beef version but just used chicken. 

First I put about 3 chicken breast in a skillet with about an inch of water and let that cook up really good.  Once that was cooked completely I drained the water and chopped the chicken up nice and small.  After that I just added the chicken back to the same skillet added a cup of cheese and one can of sauce.  Stirred it up a bit and had this nice looking yummy smelling mixture of cheesy chicken goodness.

After that I sprayed my glass casserole dish and put aside.  I rolled up each corn tortilla with about two spoonfulls of the chicken cheesy mixture and placed each one seam side down in the pan.  Once I was done I topped them with the other can of sauce and about another cup of cheese. YUM!

I baked them for about 25 minutes until the cheese was nice and melted and gooey.

And what did we have?  The most perfectly tasting chicken Enchilladas we had ever had.  I served some refried beans on the side and a small portion of chips.  Perfect dinner, perfect portions. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bridal Shower Reveal

So now that the bridal shower is over I want to show you some of the details.  I think it turned out amazing and I think Bridgett was very happy as well.

Over all the decorations turned out quite nice.  I should have grabbed one more tablecloth to drape over the bookshelves but no one really seemed to mind.
For snacks I provied, spicy chicken wraps that I prepared the night before, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and vanialla with vanialla frosting cupcakes (very weddingish) deviled egss and cilantra avacado ranch dip with tortiall chips.  I also found this great punch recipe on pinterest that was so amazing we had to make another run to the grocery store for seconds!!
I think the bride was happy as well as her guests.  Full, happy and we had fun playing a few games such as the popular toilet paper dress game and a few others.  One that was a favorite was pass the bouquet.  Its a verision of hot potatoe meets musical chairs.  When the music stops the person with the bouquet sits out until there is one last person with the bouquet.  Turns out, the bouquet was more the victim than anyone else.  All that was left were a few petals and leaves all over the floor!! It was fun though.
Anyone else have any non- tradional games that you played at your shower?  How did they tun out?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bridal Shower Secret is Out!

I know I told you in our previous post that we had 3 ideas in mind when it came time for my sis in laws shower. What I failed to tell you is which one we chose!
Well, I am happy to announce that we decided to do a Bridal Tea!  How fun is that?  The last month I have spent several shopping trips gathering tea cups, saucers and any thing cutesy to go along with the tea party theme.  I have a whole table full of things I plan on incorporating tomorrow for her shower.  I can't wait to see how it all looks together!!
You will just have to wait and see how it turns out as well.  Until then I will leave you with some more tea party eye candy that will rock your socks off.
Have a great weekend everyone!

All Images from my Pinterest account.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Canvas for my Office

I am so excited about my canvas that just came in.  A couple weeks ago I finally decided to go ahead and do all the reviews for my vendors on Wedding Wire.  It took a good while to do all of them, and to remember the good and the bad, but once I completed at least five reviews a little box popped up and offered me a free canvas for my reviews.  They come from a place called Easy Canvas Prints

I had finally received my CD from my photographer so I decided I would love to have a print from our wedding day.  I decided to select one of my most favorite pictures for the canvas and honestly I couldn't be happier.  All I had to do was pay shipping and I had a beautiful print in about 10 days.  Easy peasy!!

Here is the proof.

 I love looking at it everyday and everyone that comes in and out of my office always compliments it.  My camera isn't cooperating so I can't download the picture of what it looks like on the wall but I promise you, its beautiful. I love the textures and I am so glad that I decided to get it in black and white.  Just adds even more to that old vintage look of our wedding that I loved so much. 

If you're a bride, go and do your reviews on wedding wire.  They say you only have 30 days after you get married but really who wants to write reviews just 30 days after your a new wife. I know I didn't.
Oh, and if you need a gift or you want to get some prints done yourself I would highly recommend using Easy Prints.   I am thinking I may have to order a couple more when it comes time to move into our house... shhhh don't tell the hubby! ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Because You're Mine I Walk the Line: Beautiful Bridals

I was so excited that the time finally had come for me to get all glammed up in my entire wedding day attire.  I just so happened to also schedule my bridal shoot the day of my 28th Birthday (how often can you have professional pictures done on YOUR birthday, in YOUR WEDDING GOWN?)

I stopped over and had my hair done by one of my bridesmaids, Heather and then jetted back over to the house to have my sister complete my look by doing my makeup.  It just so happened about that time it started to rain a little. 

I knew we were expected some bad weather but I was really praying it would hold off til the following day.  We had chosen to do the shoot at a beautiful old church in downtown Houston, but with the weather not cooperating I wasn't sure what was going to happen.  I was getting nervous that the pictures I had envisioned would not turn out so well....

As my sister and I made the final touches to my face we set out the door to head downtown.  About 20 minutes into our drive a get a call.   It's my photographer. "Crystal, its completely black downtown, pouring down rain.  Do you still want to do the shoot today?"

Ummmm... let me think about this.  I took the day off, I got my hair and make up done, I am in my dream dress. "Yes, Of course! Do you think we should?  Where else can we do them?"
Roberto makes a few other suggestions such as studio shots or possibly going to a local school and doing them there because it has a large covered area.

We decide to go to the school.  And guess what?  They turned out great.  Not at all what I had been imagining the last few months but I have learned to work with what ya got and I think everything turned out A OK....

Karissa one of the extra photographers was in shock that I had decided to go through with the shoot.  I think Roberto was too.  But with only 3 weeks til the wedding, we needed to get 'r done!!!

I leave you... the beautiful bridals:

** All photos by Video Solution Pro**
I think after the shoot and I saw everything together I was even more in love with my boots, my bouquet and my dress.  I just loved how everything worked.  How it all mixed well and I was even more excited to see how my vision of our rustic wedding would turn out on our wedding day. 
Stay tuned.  Wedding Recaps are up next!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Because You're Mine I Walk the Line: Engagement Shoot Part 3

After we played around on the tracks for a while, we decided to settle down and do some ground shots.  Roberto picked the perfect spot in front of this old brick home that is now a shop in old town spring and we decided to park it there for a few shots.  Mind you it was 5:30 in the afternoon and the town was bustling with traffic and here we are in the midst of it taking pictures.  Everyone was honking and gawking at us.  It was quite commical but we got yet again, some more great pics.

Just me and the honey

Then we grabbed the fur babies for a couple.  This one is my absolute favorite from the entire day.  It is now in my office :)

Then we were told to kiss some more... and we gladly obliged.  It kind of looks like Duke wants to kiss Lucy too but shes too busy smiling.

Then we moved over to the side of the building.  I love how my top almost matches it.  Very cool.  I was told to look like I am in love and day dream for these next too.  Not sure if I accomplished that or not....

I do however, love Aarons sweet smile in this one :)

Not sure what he was told to do, but he looks adorable as usual.

Then came time for more kisses.  I really liked that, hence the dimples decided to come out again ;)
I like this one... it reminds me of a scene from a romance movie or something.  We would never really kiss like that.

It started to get dark so we tracked over to another gazebo and took a few more just as the sun was setting.  This one reminds me of an old picture... not sure if it is just the coloring or how we are looking at each other.

kissy, kissy, kissy...

*All Images by Digital Solution Pro**
And one final one as the sun finally set and ended our engagment shoot.  All of these pictures were used to make our signature book for our wedding and it turned out amazing.  I think our guest really enjoyed it.  I'll talk more about that another time.