Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catch It In a Mason Jar....

So you treat your love like a firefly, like it only gets to shine for a little while
Catch it in a mason jar with holes in the top and run like hell to show it off
Oh, promises were made when we'd go walkin', that's just me and Charlie talking- LOVE. THAT. SONG!

Mason Jars, oh how I love thee too!
There are so many beautiful pictures that fill the pages of wedding blogs of mason jars.  These are really the "in" thing right now.  I knew with the chic, rustic, vintage theme that we have going for our wedding I hadtohavethem too!

I just made a great purchase today from none other than Etsy and I am grabing about 170 mason jars tomorrow at none other than Walmart.  Check out these lovelies!

ETSY, image via seller The Party Fairy

Aren't they just adorable?  I can't wait to have all of our guest put these inside their mason jars to drink their sodas and cocktails, maybe even their beer?  Ya never know, it could happen!

Here's some inspiration pictures I have found with straws and mason jars.  I am hoping our photographer will catch a couple so we have some of our own.

drinks in large mason jars, styling by Amorology, image by Gideon Photography via Green Wedding Shoes}

I just can't wait to see these pretty's in action.  The Paula Dean in me is also thinking that after the wedding I can possibly try to make some homemade jams with all those jars.  Lovely thought, but reality could be a disaster.  Until then....we shall see. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ring "Bear" Pillow

A little boy was in a relative’s wedding.
As he was coming down the aisle, he would take two steps, stop, and turn to the crowd.
While facing the crowd, he would put his hands up like claws and roar.
So it went, step, step, ROAR, step, step, ROAR, all the way down the aisle.
As you can imagine, the crowd was near tears from laughing so hard by the time he reached the pulpit.
When asked what he was doing, the child sniffed and said,
“I was being the Ring Bear.”

So this weekend I finally got the fire under my arse and started working on some much needed DIY 's that need finished before the Mr. gets home this thursday.  I completed the pomanders. FINALLY. And I made Colt's Pillow.  I have to say it turned out much better than I had thought.  Here was my inspiration from Etsy.

And Here is my creation. 

Image via Crystal's Crappy iPhone

While it may not be as elegant as the one on ETSY.  I still love it. I think it turned out great.  Colt thinks so too.  I showed it to him and it is the perfect size for his tiny little frame without overbearing him or coving his cute get-up too much.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Friday night Lights

Tonight the FSIL and FMIL decided to come over and we worked on some signs to place around the neighborhood for when Aaron finally arrives home.  I cannot believe that our wait is finally over.  This year has been a whirlwind of ups and down, in and outs, stress, fear, fun, laughter, cryings, sadness and strength. 

We first started out with some delicious dinner complementary of this chef here.  I decided to make my new favorite recipe; Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Super duper easy and super duper yummy.  So yummy in fact I have no left overs!

I also decided to treat us ladies with some homemade brownies from a box with some reeses pieces mixed in.  They were to die for!!  So. Good!

Then we topped off everything with some freshly blendeds strawberry daqs. Yumm!  I mean you can't have a ladies night with delicious adult beverages. 

So we layed an old sheet on the living room floor and sprawled out with our paint, markers and glitter. Glitter makes everything better and started our creations and I have to say they did turn out great....
Take a gander!

We are going to place these around the entry way to his mom's neighborhood and then our neighborhood to welcome him home! I think he will be pleasantly suprised that we made these ahead of time and he will know we really have missed him.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Aaron Update!!

Just wanted to update everyone and let ya'll know that Aaron should be home in the next week or two. He is so excited to finally be state side!  He was supposed to be heading out from Kewait tonight and should get in El Paso anytime this weekend.  If you know the ARMY you know that they dont tell anyone anything.  So waiting is what and all we can do.
I know Aaron though and as soon as he can he will be calling to let me know what is going on.  Wedding planning is in full swing and we have everything booked.  We are just ready for the Showers to bein and for the guys to pick out their attire for the day and we shall be good to go.
If ya'll have any questions on flights or hotels dont hesistate to ask!  We'll be seeing ya'll soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This weekend I was a busy little bee.  I have been trying to finish up all of my major DIY projects before the Mr. gets home.  I cannot believe that he will be here in 2 weeks!  2 weeks!!!  I could seriously dance all over the place but I have too much to do so dancing will have to wait.

So here are a few beauties I made this weekend to hold you over until I can show you the rest of my beautiful creations.  These totally came out better than I could have ever imagined.  Thank to my crafy Auntie and my sister this weekend for getting these started.  I really had to idea how to put these things together but once they showed me I wrapped them up with twine and I was good to go.

And now for the pictures.....

Fabric Bouts :  wedding boutonniere 1 fabric flowers purple white ivory silver bouquet inspiration diy BOUT1

Fabric Bouts :  wedding boutonniere 1 fabric flowers purple white ivory silver bouquet inspiration diy BOUT3

Fabric Bouts :  wedding boutonniere 1 fabric flowers purple white ivory silver bouquet inspiration diy BOUT2

If you notice on FI's bout (the white one) there is a ring attached.  I had thought it would be a sweet way to have my FI's father close to him by attaching the ring that FI got his dad and has kept it since his passing.  I think his dad would love that we are remembering him in this special way and Aaron will have his dad close to his heart the entire day.  Could it get better than that??