Wednesday, July 31, 2013

21 Weeks

How Far Along Are You:  21 Weeks (22 and 2 days today)

Baby is the Size of A: Carrot

Stretch Marks:  Oh Joy, I had two sprout up just above my belly button this week.  I noticed them Monday morning.  I am hoping they don't get much worse. I'll be sure to tell Miss Annie not to get her belly button pierced.  Pregnant with a old belly button ring scar is not pretty!!

Symptoms: I'm feeling really great, I don't have much to complain about.  My feet are still swelling but I am just putting that up as being pregnant now. I have done everything I can to eliminate it from happening but sitting down all day probably doesn't help my cause.  By late evening of having them propped up they normally start to subside.

Sleep:  This week was pretty good until Monday night.  I was wide awake at 3 am and decided to just get up.  I feel so bad when I am restless because I know I am keeping Aaron up.  He says he doesn't mind, but I know I would.  I just watched some TV in the living room, did a load of laundry, packed lunches and cleaned the kitchen till it was time for me to wake him up.  My plan now is to just exhaust myself and by 10 pm I should just be so tired I need to sleep.

Best Moments:  This week was amazing because Aaron finally got to feel his sweet baby girl kick.  It was such an awesome moment.  Sunday night she was moving like crazy and I asked him to come over and feel her.  I thought they might be strong enough.  Sure enough when he put his hand on my belly she stopped.  Monday morning I was lying in bed on my side and I could feel her wiggling all over the place so I knew this was  a good time.  I woke him up and took his hand to the left of my belly and just as it got there he felt her.  It was so sweet to see his reaction. 

Miss Anything:  Nothing as of now.  I am just trying to eat as healthy as I can for this sweet baby girl and keep my salt intake in control.

Have you Started to Show:  Duh!!  Yea, I feel huge but I know I still have a ways to go. 

Baby is A: Girl

Belly Button In or Out:  Still In

Happy or Moody:  I would say happy for the most part except as I reported last week about my A/C in my car, it decided to do it again.  Monday we took it in to get fixed so hopefully that won't be happening anymore in the near future.  Texas Heat, Humidity, plus pregnancy = not a happy Crystal

Cravings:  Ice cream as usual and that is about it so far.

Goals this Week:  Continue to work out at least 2 or 3 times a week.  And get some more furniture painted for Annalise's room.  We bought he furniture this weekend so I am excited to get some fresh paint on top of it so come move in day we are good to just set up shop! (I am using safe paint, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

Sorry no bump photos this week. I guess I never managed to take one.  Next week I promise I will have one!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

20 Weeks, I am halfway there!!!

How Far Along Are You?  20 Weeks (21 weeks today)

Baby is the Size of A: Banana

Stretch Marks:  Still looking good in that area. And still lathering on the Mustella every night. I am really hoping it is helping!  But I am still only halfway there!
Symptoms:  I have been feeling really well except for the fact that all last week my feet were swollen to the max.  I mean, they HURT!!  Thursday I just wanted to cry because I was on them pretty much from the time I got up til about 9:30 at night minus the times I am sitting at my desk but from 5-9 I was pretty much on them and they showed it.  I am really trying to watch my sodium (no more French Fries, or Burgers for a while). For the better part of Sunday I spent the day with my feet propped up.
Sleep:  Not going so hot this week.  I have gotten in the "habit" it seems of waking at about 2 am to go to the bathroom and then playing on my phone until about 5.  Then come 5:45 when the alarm starts to go off I do not want to get up! 
Best Moments:  Spending Saturday with my mom for her Birthday and the hanging out with some family afterwards.  Sunday we spend the day relaxing.  And Monday Annie was kicking up a storm. I just love to feel her moving around in there. I know she is getting stronger ever single day!
Miss Anything:  As of lately Salty things.  But I know I really need to lay off, so I'll get over it!
Have You Started to Show:  I would say so!!  I saw one of my friends at the gym last night and she said I didn't even look pregnant. I didn't know if should be happy or offended that I just look fat!! ha-ha.
Only pic I had and its terrible at that.  Pic taken after my last work out- so excuse the messy sans makeup  look.
Baby is A: Girl!!
Belly Button In or Out:  Still In
Wedding Rings On/ Off: Still on and with my reduction of Salt intake they are fitting a lot better.
Happy Or Moody:  This week I can say I was happy everyday except for Sunday.  My A/C decided to play tricks on me and went out on our way to do some errands.  I decided to throw a temper tantrum about how sucky my car is, how I need a new one and its too damn hot outside to be without A/C for me a pregnant hormonal girl- so Aaron cut our errands short we grabbed lunch and went back home.   Once we were home Aaron looked up what it could be the problem and went out to work on it and low and behold it decided to work again. Yay, gotta love Chevy's!  But I have to admit through my little fits Aaron just takes it like a pro.  I love that man!
Cravings:  Ice Cream.  I think I had it 4 times last week.  I am trying to lay off a little this week coming up though. ;)
Goals This Week: Hit the gym at least 2 more times.  I am down for once so far this week and pack up our kitchen and the things in our bedroom we don't need. We are approx. 4 weeks out from moving!  I seriously cannot wait!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

19 Weeks!!

How Far Along Are You:  19 Weeks (20 weeks exactly today)

Baby Is The Size Of: A Mango

Stretch Marks:  None as of lately.  Still using my Mustella though.
Symptoms:  I've actually felt really great this week.  I worked out twice at home and have even tackled a few home projects.  Sleeping is going pretty well also, which is HUGE!! My feet have swollen a lot this week but, I have decided to try a lower sodium diet.  No more French fries!! The last 3 days they have gone back to normal!
Sleep:  I'm sleeping pretty well.  The only complaint I have is that I can no longer sleep in on the weekend.  6:30 I am up and ready to go for the day!  Aaron doesn't really like this too much, but hes a good sport and usually watches a movie with me till he falls back asleep or we get up and start our day together.
Best Moments:  This week I would say hitting the one month mark  until our house will be complete and looking around for baby furniture.  I also kept my niece again for an afternoon.  I mean seriously who would complain about spending an afternoon with this sweet girl?
Miss Anything:  Not in particular.  I still can't do the Mexican food thing but honestly it doesn't even sound good anymore.  No some chips and queso, that's a whole 'nother story!!
Have You started to Show:  Yes, yes, yes!!  I am kind of starting to become fond of my bump. In the beginning I was a bit self conscious because I started showing so early, but now that I look more pregnant than fat, its kind of nice.
Baby Is A:  Girl!!!
Belly Button In or Out:  Still in.
Wedding Rings On or Off:  Still on thank God.  I am dreading if I have to take them off I may need to get a fake one.
Happy Or Moody:  I think happy for the most part. I just find myself getting moody with our whole laundry situation at home though. I hate, HATE climbing stairs because the dogs always follow me and I feel they will knock me down the stairs.  (this has already happened when I was just a few weeks along and It scared the crap out of me)  Just another month or so and I wont have this issue to deal with anymore!!!  I can't wait!!
Cravings:  Hot Wings, Spicy Chicken Sandwiches (Wendy's) and Ice Cream.
Goals This Week: To keep up on my working out a few days a week.  To start working on a few things for Annie's room.  Pack! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

This post will short and sweet.  Lets get straight to the point.

July 3rd I had my second ultrasound to see if we could get the baby to show itself. I was both nervous and excited.  Nervous, because we had planned another gender reveal party on the 4th and I wasn't sure he/she was going to show itself.  Excited, because well, duh, were going to know what we are having in less than 24 hours if this little pumpkin cooperated today.

On the way to the Dr. I took a lot of my mommy friends advice and chugged some orange juice.

When Aaron and I finally arrived at the Dr. they told us they were running behind. Just great!  All I need is that sugar to run out of me and baby not make a move.  I wasn't very happy, but oh well what can ya do but wait.
Finally we were in after about an hour.  We once again told he didn't want to know until the next day.  She proceeded checking the baby's movement and fingers and toes.  His/ Her brain, heart, etc.  We got to look at the screen for a little bit and see our we little one moving and kicking around and she said that it was even almost in the same position as it was last time.  I asked "well can you tell what it is?"  She said "Oh yea, I saw that a while ago."  YAAAAAY!!! Happy Dance!
After the ultra sound and my Doctor checked everything over we headed out to celebrate.  I had to pick up a few things for the party.  Finally.  And hubby decided we needed a dinner celebration we stopped in at Olive Garden and devoured a Tour of Italy together.  Then we topped it off with my favorite desert.  You have to try those little donuts if you haven't.  They. Are. Heaven!
The next day we woke up bright and early.  Packed the car down with our decorations and headed to my sisters for the party.  After everything was set up it was just time to wait for everyone to show up. 

After stuffing our faces with some BBQ and deserts it was time!!



I am so so happy God has blessed us with a sweet little girl!! I cannot wait to meet our sweet little angel!!

Weeks 17 and 18

Golly!! Where does the time go!   I feel like I just posted about my week a few days ago and then I blink and realize 2 weeks have gone by.  Sorry guys.  Pregnancy brain, swollen feet and the time is takes of building a house is eating my time away from reporting back to y'all on the latest and greatest.

I'm just going to combine weeks 17 and 18 because really I'm tired and lazy and I'm sure nobody really cares that much right?

How Far Along Are you? 18 Weeks (19 weeks and 2 days today)

Baby is the size of a(n): Sweet Potato
Total Weight Gain/ Loss:  Well, Id say I'm definitely not on the loosing end anymore.  I have gained roughly 10 pounds now.
Stretch Marks:  I'm actually surprised I haven't had anymore pop up lately. I know with our genetics we are prone to them.  I'm still using the Mustella cream and I recently purchased some of the Jergens Natural Glow to rub on my legs and arms and face.  This girl needs a tan!!!
Symptoms: I can't complain too terribly about these last few weeks.  I have felt really well.  The only thing that has had me concerned is my feet have been swelling on a daily basis now.  I keep them propped up on a box under my desk in my office but I'm sure that's not even doing much good since I need them above my heart.  I am sure my boss wouldn't agree to me propping them up on the desk, no??
Sleep:  Off and On still.  The nights I don't, man, I have it rough the next day or two. But the nights I do, I wake up feeling great and refreshed.  I even styled my hair a few times, rather than shooting for the same old messy bun.
Best Moments:  For sure finding out what we are having.  I am so over the moon in love with the precious little one and I can't wait to meet them.
Miss Anything:  Nothing too terrible this week.  I would say Mexican Food since I haven't had it in over a month now, but really it just makes me nauseous thinking about it.
Have You Started To Show:  Yup, there is a definite baby in there. I was beginning to feel huge until my OB appointment 2 weeks ago.  There was a girl that was obviously due any day now and she looked so miserable.  I just thought to myself, man I have a long ways to go....Eeek!!!
Baby Is A:  If you don't already know, you'll have to wait til mu next post of my gender reveal party.
Belly Button In or Out:  In, but I feel that I may eventually have an outie.  We will see.
Wedding Rings On or Off: Still on but I have this weird thing going on with it.  All the skin under my ring has been peeling off really bad and with the swelling I've been having it is getting tighter by the day.
Happy or Moody:  Happy for the most part. Just moody for some reason around our fur-babies. I feel so bad I'm not attentive to them anymore.  They just annoy me and I find they smell so bad... even after a bath.  Mommy still loves you Duke and Lucy and Storm though. 
Cravings:  Hot Wings!
Goals this Week:  Try to get the swelling down in my feet, as if that is possible!  Pack up the garage, we get to move in less than 2 months!!  Work out legs and arms at least 2-3 times this week.