Tuesday, July 16, 2013

19 Weeks!!

How Far Along Are You:  19 Weeks (20 weeks exactly today)

Baby Is The Size Of: A Mango

Stretch Marks:  None as of lately.  Still using my Mustella though.
Symptoms:  I've actually felt really great this week.  I worked out twice at home and have even tackled a few home projects.  Sleeping is going pretty well also, which is HUGE!! My feet have swollen a lot this week but, I have decided to try a lower sodium diet.  No more French fries!! The last 3 days they have gone back to normal!
Sleep:  I'm sleeping pretty well.  The only complaint I have is that I can no longer sleep in on the weekend.  6:30 I am up and ready to go for the day!  Aaron doesn't really like this too much, but hes a good sport and usually watches a movie with me till he falls back asleep or we get up and start our day together.
Best Moments:  This week I would say hitting the one month mark  until our house will be complete and looking around for baby furniture.  I also kept my niece again for an afternoon.  I mean seriously who would complain about spending an afternoon with this sweet girl?
Miss Anything:  Not in particular.  I still can't do the Mexican food thing but honestly it doesn't even sound good anymore.  No some chips and queso, that's a whole 'nother story!!
Have You started to Show:  Yes, yes, yes!!  I am kind of starting to become fond of my bump. In the beginning I was a bit self conscious because I started showing so early, but now that I look more pregnant than fat, its kind of nice.
Baby Is A:  Girl!!!
Belly Button In or Out:  Still in.
Wedding Rings On or Off:  Still on thank God.  I am dreading if I have to take them off I may need to get a fake one.
Happy Or Moody:  I think happy for the most part. I just find myself getting moody with our whole laundry situation at home though. I hate, HATE climbing stairs because the dogs always follow me and I feel they will knock me down the stairs.  (this has already happened when I was just a few weeks along and It scared the crap out of me)  Just another month or so and I wont have this issue to deal with anymore!!!  I can't wait!!
Cravings:  Hot Wings, Spicy Chicken Sandwiches (Wendy's) and Ice Cream.
Goals This Week: To keep up on my working out a few days a week.  To start working on a few things for Annie's room.  Pack! 

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