Wednesday, July 24, 2013

20 Weeks, I am halfway there!!!

How Far Along Are You?  20 Weeks (21 weeks today)

Baby is the Size of A: Banana

Stretch Marks:  Still looking good in that area. And still lathering on the Mustella every night. I am really hoping it is helping!  But I am still only halfway there!
Symptoms:  I have been feeling really well except for the fact that all last week my feet were swollen to the max.  I mean, they HURT!!  Thursday I just wanted to cry because I was on them pretty much from the time I got up til about 9:30 at night minus the times I am sitting at my desk but from 5-9 I was pretty much on them and they showed it.  I am really trying to watch my sodium (no more French Fries, or Burgers for a while). For the better part of Sunday I spent the day with my feet propped up.
Sleep:  Not going so hot this week.  I have gotten in the "habit" it seems of waking at about 2 am to go to the bathroom and then playing on my phone until about 5.  Then come 5:45 when the alarm starts to go off I do not want to get up! 
Best Moments:  Spending Saturday with my mom for her Birthday and the hanging out with some family afterwards.  Sunday we spend the day relaxing.  And Monday Annie was kicking up a storm. I just love to feel her moving around in there. I know she is getting stronger ever single day!
Miss Anything:  As of lately Salty things.  But I know I really need to lay off, so I'll get over it!
Have You Started to Show:  I would say so!!  I saw one of my friends at the gym last night and she said I didn't even look pregnant. I didn't know if should be happy or offended that I just look fat!! ha-ha.
Only pic I had and its terrible at that.  Pic taken after my last work out- so excuse the messy sans makeup  look.
Baby is A: Girl!!
Belly Button In or Out:  Still In
Wedding Rings On/ Off: Still on and with my reduction of Salt intake they are fitting a lot better.
Happy Or Moody:  This week I can say I was happy everyday except for Sunday.  My A/C decided to play tricks on me and went out on our way to do some errands.  I decided to throw a temper tantrum about how sucky my car is, how I need a new one and its too damn hot outside to be without A/C for me a pregnant hormonal girl- so Aaron cut our errands short we grabbed lunch and went back home.   Once we were home Aaron looked up what it could be the problem and went out to work on it and low and behold it decided to work again. Yay, gotta love Chevy's!  But I have to admit through my little fits Aaron just takes it like a pro.  I love that man!
Cravings:  Ice Cream.  I think I had it 4 times last week.  I am trying to lay off a little this week coming up though. ;)
Goals This Week: Hit the gym at least 2 more times.  I am down for once so far this week and pack up our kitchen and the things in our bedroom we don't need. We are approx. 4 weeks out from moving!  I seriously cannot wait!!

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