Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Testimony Tuesday

Kristina Landrum shares ~

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you why I decided to start taking Plexus, why I decided to sell plexus, and why I continue to take Plexus. Originally I just wanted to lose 5 lbs. and I wanted to sell the products so I could get them at a wholesale cost and I would be able to make enough money to pay for my product.
My why has evolved into so much more than weight loss and wholesale prices. As I was on the product I started reading people’s testimonies; I read about people with different medical issues (infertility, PCOS, etc.), and about them getting pregnant after being on Plexus.
When I was 26 I had my hormone levels tested. My estrogen was way too high and my progesterone was way too low! If you know anything about pregnancy and hormones then you already know that you have and maintain a decent level of progesterone in order to get pregnant and in order to keep the baby once you are pregnant. I had my progesterone levels tested and my doctor was actually surprised at how low my progesterone was for somebody my age. Mine was 0.31, and it is supposed to be 0.95 to 21.00 ng/mL.
So, as advised, I immediately started taking hormone replacement therapy. At that point in my life I didn't want to be pregnant, but I was thinking about my future; about how one day I would get married and how I would want to have a baby.
I continued to pay for the blood work and continued to pay for the medication, but my levels never really got close to the reference range. Eventually the blood work and medication became too expensive, so I stopped having my levels tested and stopped the medication.
Then I found Plexus Slim; it was a product that I loved and I felt great on! Like I said, I found out that people were able to get pregnant while on Plexus so I was even more intrigued and drawn to the products.
My husband and I decided to start trying, and within no time I was able to conceive! I let my doctor know and she was actually quite shocked that I was able to conceive without any sort of medication or any medical intervention.

That was my why, but it has evolved passed that again, because now that I am pregnant I want to be a stay at home mom. I am going to be a stay at home mom and I don’t have any guilt about that because I have my Plexus check to help supplement my husband’s pay check. I am so blessed and grateful to have that income coming in and we are so blessed to have conceived a daughter, and I really do put all of that into God and Plexus!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Testimony Tuesday

Ashley's Plexus Testimonial

"This is a pic of me in the ER during one of the many panic attacks I used to suffer from and I was convinced I was going to die. If you’ve ever experienced this, then you know it’s by far one of the most horrifying things—ever! To lighten the mood, Baron said, “You look so pretty in that hospital gown, I’m going to take your picture.” I have such a great husband, amazing son, and I live a happy life. So why in the heck did the ER doctor tell me, “There’s nothing wrong with you. Your stats are normal. Here’s some Xanax. Go on home now….” **insert huge question mark here**

Ugh…more Xanax…to add to the growing pile of pills, antidepressants, and sleeping pills.
This leads me to my one-year update on my health journey with Plexus. Since I began taking the products late Oct 2013, I have not had one single anxiety or panic attack and I'm off all of my antidepressants. I no longer suffer from insomnia, nor do I need any of those awful sleeping pills that would have me feeling sluggish and lethargic the next day. I’m no longer a doctor’s problem patient and I don’t need to be a guinea pig for the various medications that should have “fixed me” but instead only caused more problems and side effects that would lead to me needing yet another medication.

I also haven’t had any bladder or yeast infections, which I’d get on almost a monthly basis, thus getting another Cipro prescription. And instead of getting sick almost every single month, I now maybe get sick with a cold two or three times a year! My eczema and acne breakouts are cleared up—my back, arms, chest, and legs used to be riddled with it. My stomach doesn’t hurt as often as it used to…at one point doctors thought I “might” have an ulcer, but they never could figure out exactly why my tummy would hurt almost every time I ate. And for those who are wondering about my weight (which does fluctuate…hello, that happens to ALL of us even on the very best supplements out there!) I’m still maintaining the lowest body fat I’ve ever had—recently just dropping 3 pounds by adding our new product Block to my regimen.

I strongly believe SO many issues are rooted in an unhealthy gut (gastrointestinal issues, leaky gut, candida overgrowth) and by tuning up our insides and getting our bodies working the way God intended is vital to our overall health. We can't control some of the foods we eat. If you don't eat organic, wild, grassfed—then the meats are loaded with antibiotics that were given to the animal to keep it alive and steroids to make it grow bigger and faster. And guess what? Every time you eat at a restaurant, you’re eating those exact meats! Even “Prime” meat is NOT necessarily natural or grass fed. I encourage you to Google it and see for yourself. If you consume a diet high in simple carbs and starches, artificial sweeteners like aspartame and products that say “diet” or “fat free,” if you live in an environment where invisible toxins most likely lurk in the air we breathe (mold, pollution, etc.), if you drink tap water that could have contaminants in it, and if you take certain medications like antibiotics and birth control…Then did you know that ALL of those factors KILL the much needed healthy bacteria in your GI tract, throwing your intestinal “eco system” into a smorgasbord for the bad yeast and fungus to thrive…leading your body to experience a whole slew of side effects and a lot of them now scientifically proven to be directly linked to autoimmune disorders?

Trying to eat healthy is important, but as I said above even some of those “healthy” choices you make might not be as healthy as you think. Did you know that 80% of our immune system is in your intestinal tract?? Which is why I strongly believe that nothing is more important than supplementing high quality probioticsvitamins, and natural supplements to help combat our bodies against these toxins and impurities…and keep our immune system functioning the way God intended in the first place."

Halloween Eve

Halloween Eve I have to say was pretty nice this year.

Since it fell on a FriYay I decided to take advantage of the day care and dropped Annie off and hit the gym with the hubby, but not before snapping some pictures of this cutie in her party attire.

Once I got home I tidied up the house and then headed back to Annie's school to help her kick off the Halloween Festivities with a cute little Halloween Party.

She was so excited I was there in her class with her but she was ready for me to take her home.
I think she was confused.

Once I convinced her I was staying a while and I wouldn't leave her she was fine.

I got to meet all of her little friends and sat around the table in kiddie chairs drinking juice and eating eyeball Oreo cookies- such a cute idea!

I'm so thankful for these little moments and can't wait for more of them in the future.

Halloween 2015

I almost thought Halloween weekend was going to be a big bust because it has not stopped raining here the last week.
Insane I tell ya.
The rain it just needs to go away already!  Its ruining our fun fall weekends.

After it literally down poured all day Saturday we finally saw a break around 3 pm and decided it was time to load up and head to my sister in laws for some Halloween fun.

Annie was not amused with her costume the first 10 minutes it was on her.
After me fussing over her that she looked pretty I decided to let her be with her tears and she finally forgot about it and was fine the rest of the evening.

Can I say we have a drama queen on our hands?
(Now if only I was a good mamma and remembered to take a picture of her crying her eyeballs out.  Darn)

We loaded up the car and headed a few blocks over to their friends house and headed out for the night.
Little Red Wagon- check
Halloween Bucket- check
Cute Kid dressed like Dorthy- check!

The first few houses she was very hesitant but once she realized she got hand fulls of candy or the opportunity to pet a cute puppy that was at a house she was all over it.
I had to literally run to keep up with her the rest of the night.

Many times I looked back to the street only to find Aaron searching for me and me waiving to him that we are 2 houses in front of him!

Everyone oohed and awed over little miss Dorthy.

They just ate her cuteness up like I do on the daily.

And who doesn't' love a cute little toddler saying... "tink a tink"  (trick or treat!)

I'd say this Halloween was a success.  Now to think about what little bit will be next year...