Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

I almost thought Halloween weekend was going to be a big bust because it has not stopped raining here the last week.
Insane I tell ya.
The rain it just needs to go away already!  Its ruining our fun fall weekends.

After it literally down poured all day Saturday we finally saw a break around 3 pm and decided it was time to load up and head to my sister in laws for some Halloween fun.

Annie was not amused with her costume the first 10 minutes it was on her.
After me fussing over her that she looked pretty I decided to let her be with her tears and she finally forgot about it and was fine the rest of the evening.

Can I say we have a drama queen on our hands?
(Now if only I was a good mamma and remembered to take a picture of her crying her eyeballs out.  Darn)

We loaded up the car and headed a few blocks over to their friends house and headed out for the night.
Little Red Wagon- check
Halloween Bucket- check
Cute Kid dressed like Dorthy- check!

The first few houses she was very hesitant but once she realized she got hand fulls of candy or the opportunity to pet a cute puppy that was at a house she was all over it.
I had to literally run to keep up with her the rest of the night.

Many times I looked back to the street only to find Aaron searching for me and me waiving to him that we are 2 houses in front of him!

Everyone oohed and awed over little miss Dorthy.

They just ate her cuteness up like I do on the daily.

And who doesn't' love a cute little toddler saying... "tink a tink"  (trick or treat!)

I'd say this Halloween was a success.  Now to think about what little bit will be next year...

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