Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Second Businesses

By now you probably know that I have an entrepreneur side to me.  I have a passion for two very separate things.  One of them lets me use my artistic side and the other lets me use my passion for helping people get healthy.  These two business that let me use my passions are Southern Belle Bouquets and Plexus.

The first business I started was Southern Belle Bouquets.  I was recently married and I had so many people compliment my fabric flowers and bouquet at my wedding and after that I decided to see if I could make a business out of it!
The pondering began for a name and the only thing that suited it more was Southern Belle Bouquets and so that little crafty business was born.  I have to admit, Its kinda fallen to the wayside in the last 2 years and I have gotten a few orders here and there but I am hoping all of that will change soon. 
If your interested in seeing my work you should check out my shop.  The link is above!!

The second business I started in order to get healthy.  Plexus.
My friend Heather introduced me to the product in January 2014 but it wasn't until April of 2014 that I actually decided to give it a try!
Instead of paying full price, because I mean who wants to do that, I signed up as an ambassador.  I decided if I could get a few customers I could pay for my product that way and so that business was born.
Now I am growing my team, growing my wealth and getting healthier by the day.  If your interested in learning more about how Plexus can help you with your weight loss struggles just ask. FYI- Plexus is so much more than weight loss its a health and wellness company.  Weight loss is just one of the many perks!!  My link is posted above as well if you'd like to check out our awesome products!!


So theres' a little more to me than my typical work days at my day to day job.  I love that I have these business to keep my busy and help me meet different people.

Do you have an entrepreneur side?  If so what is your passion? 

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