Monday, December 22, 2014

Annie's First Birthday Party

I would say Annie's first birthday was a success.  This momma stressed out about it for weeks but it went down without a hitch.  All of our closest family and friends came to celebrate our sweet angel and it couldn't have been better.

Her theme was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do you know how loved you are?

I will let the pictures do the talking.


 Thank you to everyone who came.  It was so much. I can't wait to plan next years!!

Annalise Faith 12 Months (1 Year)

Oh My!  I cannot believe my sweet girl turned one today!  I am overwhelmed with happiness, joy, pride and so very, very much LOVE for this sweet little angel.  I simply cannot believe how fast the last year has gone by and how much more in love I fall with her everyday.
Words simply cannot express the love of a mother for her child.  This, my sweet girl of mine is my everything (besides her daddy of course).  She fills this mothers heart with so much love.
I never knew I could love someone as much as I love her.  She amazes me every day.

As I sit here and type this I cannot type without feeling so blessed.  I have prayed, cried so many tears, and worried countless nights about this sweet child God has given us.  For so many years I never thought I could have a child of my own and now a year later, she is still with me, a smiling, beautiful, happy and wonderful child God has made just for me.  Just for mine and Aaron's pleasure of raising, and loving on.  God is so good.
My Dearest Annalise,
You are such a joy to be around.  You have by far succeeded my expectations of the love I could feel for another child.  I knew love when your cousins were born, but nothing could have ever prepared me for the love I have for you.  It simply brings tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart how much I care for you sweet girl.  You have made my life complete.  Nothing brings me more happiness than to wake you up after a long night of being away from you and you wrapping your arms around me and giving me the tightest bear hug around my neck.  I love it!!  Daddy and I fight over who wakes you in the morning just because we know that only one of us will be lucky enough to get that sweet hug.  Your grandma Angie and Aunt Jennifer know what that hug is like too.  I cannot express how much we love it!!
You girlie have been the BEST baby this year and I dont say that because I am your mom. I say that because it is true.  You hardly ever cried, unless you were hungry, tired or wet.  Even when you had a double ear infection you never cried. I just knew you weren't your happy self.
Teething has been a breeze until the last few weeks and you are finally cutting those back molars and are a bit fussy but if I give you a tootbrush or wet cloth to chew on you are just fine my dear.
There really is nothing negative I can say about this first year.  I fear that if we have other children they will be totaally oppisite of you dear girl.  You have slept so good from the day you were born.  I can only remember a hand full of times having a long night with you and that was just because you were sick.  Girl loves to sleep like her Mommy and Daddy and let me tell you, that is awesome!!!
You love to eat everything. So far you have not turned down anything.  Ravioli, ground beef, cheese, peas, carrots, beans, bread, tortillas, bananas, mac n cheese, chicken.  Oh wait, we tried peaches the other day, you did not care for those.  But anything else, you eat away without any cares.
You have no interest what so ever to walk right now. I can put you in your walker and you will cry for me to take you out but after a mintue or two you are all over the place in that thing. However, on your own you dont even want to walk if I hold your hands.  You just squat back down or drag your feet.  You are enjoying your freedom of crawling whenever, however, and wherever you can in the house.  Sometimes I will forget you are free and I take my eyes off you for a few seconds and you are gone.  Lately we have found you in the laundry room trying to get your puppies. 
You have such a love for Duke and Lucy but they really could care less about you.  Duke runs away any time you even get within a foots reach of him and Lucy, well.  You torcher that poor puppy.  Pull her hair and smack at her head and I have even caught you taking a bit out of her back.  She just lays theres and takes it but looks at me with those puppy eyes to please help!
You have a love for music like I have never seen in a baby and I really hope that you got that from me. Music is one of my loves in life that I think is just a wonderful gift in this world.  Anytime there is music playing I can tell you are listening intently.  You can even humm pitches back to me when we are in the car.  Baby girl you just might have a gift.
At your one year check up you weighe in at a whopping 17 pounds and 4 oz. and were right at 29 inches.  You my girl are still a cute little string bean. You were at the 87th percentile for height and just barley over the 10th percentile for weight still.  The doctor isn't worried though becuase you have followed that line since your first check up. Which I cannot believe because you were 9 pounds 6 oz at big, not so big baby girl.
You can say a few words mostly "dada, and sit and Shep."  Shep is the doggie at your day care, and if you can imagine mommy and daddy thought you were saying a really bad word the first few times we heard it.  Miss Paula told us that it was her doggies name much to our relief.  I am still waiting for you to say "momma" but so far I dont get much from you.
You are so very bright and I just love to watch you observe and take in your surrounds.  You are quiet and reserved for the most part and play so well by yourself. You absolutely love it when your cousins come over and I just love you and Abby's squeals of delight while you play with each other.  You two will be the best of friends one day I know it.
I cant believe you are one, and I can't wait to celebrate many more with you.  I love you so much sweet girl.  Happy Birthday.