Saturday, October 13, 2012

Because You're Mine I Walk The Line: The Girls Get Dolled Up

The morning we arrived at the venue I just couldn't believe that this day was finally happening.  Today was our day... our wedding day!  The day that we had spent over 400 days planning in excitement and anticipating for for over a year.  This was the day that my life would forever change and I would finally be Mrs. Evans!
The day was turning out to be nearly perfect for February.  The breeze was slight with a small chill that hits your skin but not the kind that is painfully cold.  The air smelled of pine trees and you could hear the birds chirping in a distance. (The birds will take a big place in a fun moment that we had earlier that morning that I will share with you in another post!)
The girls made our way to the bridal suite to start getting dolled up the day.  First all the other bridesmaids took their turns getting their curlers in while I just kind of lounged around.  And maybe decided to finish up a last DIY. 

Yup, thats me painting just a few hours before the "I Do's".  Go figure right?
Then I decided to check on the flowers.....

And Snap some more photos with my girlies

Finally it was my turn just as our photographer's arrived.

 The girls lounged around in their cute purple bathrobe's that I gifted them at our rehearsal dinner.

Once my makeup was complete it was time to get a few shots in with my momma.

Our lovely Heather finished the girls hair and then checked them selves out a bit while I waited in anticipation to be told I could put on all of my somethings and get into my dress.
My "somethings":
my garter with matching fabric flower:
my hankie that I tucked in my bouquet and the pearl necklace from my sweet Aunt Ev
my earrings and small bracelet I bought on ETSY
My something blue- a beautiful ring my sister gifted me for Christmas
my favorite boots and finally my beautiful bouquet (I seriously have an obsession with her)

And finally, the dress.  The most perfectly made dress I will ever wear in my life. The dress I have looked at numerous times dreaming of this day.  The dress that was made for me and I for her.  The dress that I will marry my best friend in.  It was time for all these details  I spent countless hours dreaming of to come together.

Mini Bachelorette

I'll make this one short and sweet.  We went out.. had a few drinks and made a few crazy faces.  It was fun and I got to talk about being married and keeping it going for years after the wedding ends.  I love all the great adivse these two gave me.  They are some of my favorite chicks. 

Happy Bachelorette... Now lets get married already!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rehearsal Time!

Theres really not much to the rehearsal.  Well at least I didn't think so. I was honesly more worried about crying or tripping than anything.  Everyone arrived on time and we got straight to work in the dark. 

Excuse the crappy dark pictures to follow.

 Grandpa and Grandma
 Aaron and his Momma

 Nate and my Momma Liz
Bubba and our imaginary Mom
  Dad with the cute Flower Girl Paisley
 The lovely Heidi
Me and My daddy and my ribbon bouquet. 

 Then  we got back to the house and had pizza and wings waiting so we ate and then handed out gifts
The little kiddies were surpirised they got presents... See Colt showing off his present!

 Then it was time to gift my girls and take a few snap shots with my sister.
Then one of all of us.

Now that the reharsal was over it was time for a little mini bachelorette to celebrate with my bff Heidi since she wasn't here for the real one.  Catch that little recap next...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Living Room Ideas

Lately all I seem to be doing is day dreaming about our dream home.  It could be that the clutter is finally getting to me living at my mother in laws or it could be that I am just excited to have our very own home just for us, built by us and decorated by meeeee.

My  pinterest account has been on overdrive scouring for ideas on how I plan on creating our comfy, cozy, warm, homey, lived in, rustic living room with vintage old world charm touches.  Too much??

I finally had some down time so I put a little PowerPoint together on what I feel that I would like our living space to have in it.  I picked a few of my favorite pieces from my pinterest account and went to town creating what I think will be the perfect living room for the hubby and I, and maybe some crazy kiddo's one day.  One day I said, don't get too excited!  I don't want it to be crowded with things. I don't want it so formal that you can't feel you can put your feet on the couch or your too scared to break something because of porcelain elephants everywhere.  I just want it to be like us.  Easy going, relaxing and lovable.

I present you.... our living room.

Don't you just love it?  Well I hope you do.  I do.  I think it has the perfect amount of everything that I am looking for.  Now I just need to get this house built so I can have some fun and start collecting everything to make this room. 

I have a feeling building this home and decorating will help me out with some of this creativity that has had no means of escape since we finished planning for the wedding.  I need something to look forward to.  Hmmm... maybe I can start thinking about the kitchen, or our bedroom, or the office. 

What do y'all think?  Did I accomplish what I had in mind?  Is is anything like you had imagined our home to look like?  I'd love your feedback!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shoe Obsessed

I have a confession to make.  I am seriously obsessed with a pair of shoes that I cannot stop thinking about.  I want them. I mean. I NEED them
If you follow me on pinterest you may notice that I pin several outfits to my "My Style" board pretty regularly.  I have also been known to stop by and check in on this girls blog on the daily because she has the type of style that I would love to have.

Anyhow.  I recently got up enough nerve to comment on one of her pictures and ask how tall she is and how comfortable these certain shoes are because though I am recently obsessed with them I really don't know how practical they are for every day office attire.  They are described as being nearly 5 inches tall for one.  And secondly they are heels and most of the girls here at the office wear their good old "dressy flip flops" if you will.  And finally, I work with most men- who are short, who I tower over already.... see where I am going with this?

Anyhow, here is my new so called Shoe Obsession and I think I may finally have to give in after said blogger's feedback to me!

BloggerCrystal said...
I love your nine west pumps and have looked into purchasing them but am hesitant because I am so tall. I am 5'7". Do you think that they are comfortable? Also, you look pretty tall yourself but the shoes look amazing on you!
BloggerMK said...
I'm 5'7" too. I personally think they're really comfortable for how high they are. I wore them to present for three full days of workshops and my feet felt fine.

So what do you gals think? Shall I take the plunge and just order one in every color?? :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Duke!!

I can't believe it has already been a year since we got this cute, cuddle, clumsy, sweetheart of a doggie.  I still remember the day we got him.  It wasn't planned at all.  Aaron had his heart set on getting either a blood hound or a great dane!! Go figure, the bigger the dog the better.  Well we decided to take a gander in the pet store one day even though I am normally against buying animals from them.  And there he was in a small kennel with his sister puppy.  Aaron immediatly said "We have to get him!"  I just shook me head no and contiued to look about.  Next thing I know Aaon is gestering me to come over to the little boxed in aread to see him.  "No, I said Aaron you want a blood hound you dont want that dog."  And then he went and did it.... "But Crystal, look at those eyes.  Duke dont you wanna go home with momma?"  And Duke looked up at me with those sweet brown eyes and I was a gonner.  "Fine, where do we pay for him?"

He's everything Aaron and I wanted in a puppy child. He's smart, he's goofy as anything, he has such a sweet personality, he loves to fetch and go on long hikes with his daddy and he loves more than anything to be allowed in the big bed to snuggle up next to his mommy and watch a good movie.
Happy Birthday Duke. Your humans love you so very much!!!

 All Images from Digital Solution Pro

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just for fun

Just liked this and thought I would share it for all of your ice cream lovers like me!

Have a great day everyone

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby Rompers and Terquoise Bubbles

Does anyone have a Groop Dealz account?  If not, get your little butt over to their site and sign up...NOW!  I have already purchased a number of Christmas gifts as well as myself a few do dads for extra low prices.  Today I decided to pick up something sweet for my adorable niece that will be here in just a few more weeks.

This delicate little lace romper.  Precious right?  I bought it in bubblegum pink, just because I love the name, and I know she will be a girlie girl.  I hope my sister will really like this for baby A and that she will maybe even get a few photos of her taken in it.  Aunt Ci Ci can dream right?

Anyhow, if you don't have an account seriously go sign up.  They send emails out only about once a week so you can check out what they have.  Here is another piece they still have on sale that I bought last month. 

It's super cute, very flirty and fun and goes with just about anything.  You wont be sorry :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Anne Hathaway Marries

I just love wedding's don't you?  When I saw this morning on my yahoo page that Anne Hathaway married I just had to check out her pictures. This girl is so beautiful with her old school Audrey Hepburn style and grace.  When I finally got to see her pictures I have to say I was disappointed.  I was half heartedly expecting this.

Google Images
Or This.....

Google Images

Or Maybe even this one....

Google Images
But instead we get this?

What is that thing on her head? I mean really? It looks like ear muffs. Not something you would surely wear for a Late September wedding. I love her gown and can't wait to see a better picture of it, I am sure it is amazing but really Anne?  What were you thinking?
Perez Hilton

Her style just seems so timeless and classic in these photos.  Surely, I can't be the only one disappointed can I?

Also, this weekend, Kings of Leon's very own Jared Followill, married Martha Patterson.
Now, that dress is what its all about!
Happy Monday everyone!