Thursday, October 11, 2012

Living Room Ideas

Lately all I seem to be doing is day dreaming about our dream home.  It could be that the clutter is finally getting to me living at my mother in laws or it could be that I am just excited to have our very own home just for us, built by us and decorated by meeeee.

My  pinterest account has been on overdrive scouring for ideas on how I plan on creating our comfy, cozy, warm, homey, lived in, rustic living room with vintage old world charm touches.  Too much??

I finally had some down time so I put a little PowerPoint together on what I feel that I would like our living space to have in it.  I picked a few of my favorite pieces from my pinterest account and went to town creating what I think will be the perfect living room for the hubby and I, and maybe some crazy kiddo's one day.  One day I said, don't get too excited!  I don't want it to be crowded with things. I don't want it so formal that you can't feel you can put your feet on the couch or your too scared to break something because of porcelain elephants everywhere.  I just want it to be like us.  Easy going, relaxing and lovable.

I present you.... our living room.

Don't you just love it?  Well I hope you do.  I do.  I think it has the perfect amount of everything that I am looking for.  Now I just need to get this house built so I can have some fun and start collecting everything to make this room. 

I have a feeling building this home and decorating will help me out with some of this creativity that has had no means of escape since we finished planning for the wedding.  I need something to look forward to.  Hmmm... maybe I can start thinking about the kitchen, or our bedroom, or the office. 

What do y'all think?  Did I accomplish what I had in mind?  Is is anything like you had imagined our home to look like?  I'd love your feedback!

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