Saturday, October 13, 2012

Because You're Mine I Walk The Line: The Girls Get Dolled Up

The morning we arrived at the venue I just couldn't believe that this day was finally happening.  Today was our day... our wedding day!  The day that we had spent over 400 days planning in excitement and anticipating for for over a year.  This was the day that my life would forever change and I would finally be Mrs. Evans!
The day was turning out to be nearly perfect for February.  The breeze was slight with a small chill that hits your skin but not the kind that is painfully cold.  The air smelled of pine trees and you could hear the birds chirping in a distance. (The birds will take a big place in a fun moment that we had earlier that morning that I will share with you in another post!)
The girls made our way to the bridal suite to start getting dolled up the day.  First all the other bridesmaids took their turns getting their curlers in while I just kind of lounged around.  And maybe decided to finish up a last DIY. 

Yup, thats me painting just a few hours before the "I Do's".  Go figure right?
Then I decided to check on the flowers.....

And Snap some more photos with my girlies

Finally it was my turn just as our photographer's arrived.

 The girls lounged around in their cute purple bathrobe's that I gifted them at our rehearsal dinner.

Once my makeup was complete it was time to get a few shots in with my momma.

Our lovely Heather finished the girls hair and then checked them selves out a bit while I waited in anticipation to be told I could put on all of my somethings and get into my dress.
My "somethings":
my garter with matching fabric flower:
my hankie that I tucked in my bouquet and the pearl necklace from my sweet Aunt Ev
my earrings and small bracelet I bought on ETSY
My something blue- a beautiful ring my sister gifted me for Christmas
my favorite boots and finally my beautiful bouquet (I seriously have an obsession with her)

And finally, the dress.  The most perfectly made dress I will ever wear in my life. The dress I have looked at numerous times dreaming of this day.  The dress that was made for me and I for her.  The dress that I will marry my best friend in.  It was time for all these details  I spent countless hours dreaming of to come together.

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