Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stay Little

Last night Annalise woke around 1:30 am.
I waited to see if she would soothe herself back to sleep but that was not the case. 
I stumbled out of bed and into her room. 
I stoftly rubbed her back until she stood up and reached for me. 
I realized she was soaked so a clean diaper, pj's and bed sheet later we were heading to the kitchen for a sippy cup of some water. 
Once we settled in the rocker and our soft quilt we just rocked there together. 
Her sweet smelling head nestled under my nose. 
Oh how I love these moments even though I am exhausted- I just know that they are rare, they will come and go and I dont know when the next time will be that she is all mine in the quiet of the room.  I listen to her smooth steady breath. 
I soak it in.
I love on her and gently caress her soft hands and she immates it back on me. 
I kiss her tiny little head and continue rocking. 
Back and forth back and forth. 
Memorizing this very moment. 
Savoring every second.
And then its time, she looks up and points to her crib. 
I ask if she wants to go back to bed and she so independently and sure of herself shakes her head yes.
I kiss her one more time and lay her back down.