Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Dishes Can Wait

So last night after dinner as usual I gave Annie a bath and we played for a good 20 minutes or so.
I splash her, she soaks me.
I feed her bubbles.
She drinks water I pour out of her little gardening pot.

After I dressed and sat her down with daddy I went back to the dishes that were in the sink to finish  washing them.
Annie came up to my side stretching her sweet little hands up to me.
"Maaaamaaaa" she cried at my feet.
"Baby Im doing dishes just give me a minute, OK?"
"Maaaahhhh maaaah" she cried some more.
In that instant I just stood there and thought.
What are you doing, stop and hold that baby.

And so I did.

I turned the water off, left the dirty dishes there in the sink and picked her up and held her.
That lasted a whole thirty seconds and then she hopped down and wandered to her room.
She brought out every pair of shoes out she could carry in here arms and we then tried on every pair of shoes until bed time.

Its times like these I want to remember.
Times that I know she wants me.
Not cartoons, not her toys, me.
She wants to know I love her and that I'm never too busy for her.

To top that off, after we said our prayers she looked up at me said.
"Wuuv Ewww" (Love you)

I'm pretty sure I died a little bit on the inside and went to heaven.

"I love you too sweet girl."
Our babies are small.
Snuggle them, hold them and love them because the dishes can wait.

Weekend Wrap Up and Labor Day

This weekend was a whirl wind I tell ya.
Thursday night we set sail to head up to Dallas to watch two of our love bird friends tie the knot at the JP on Friday morning.
The drive was long and long... and did I mention long.
5 hours with a toddler in tow and the DVD player crapping out is no fun.
For the most part we made due with lots of singing, Cheetos's and milk until she finally passed out.

Friday morning we woke early as usual with Annie and kinda lounged around and visited until it was time for the "I Do's."

After more visiting and prepping homemade pasta - YUMMY.  Our visit was up and it was time to head home with a sick little one in tow.

I don't know what we all got into but we are all kinda under the weather now.
Annie had been having a runny nose all weekend- I attributed to allergies and the 5 hour difference.
But, now that Aaron and I are both feeling it I am not so sure.
Lots of warm beverages, Vick's vapor rub and cough drops have been laying around.

Monday we kinda just lounged around and I soaked up extra snuggles with Annie and did the usual cleaning, and prepping for another week.

Sorry, but our life just wasn't too exciting around these parts this week.
Unless you count Annalise picking her nose for the first time!
Yup, and I got it all on camera!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just Call Me Aunt Ci Ci

There is nothing greater in the world than being a mommy and second to that is being an aunt.  
I never in a million years could have guessed the love and joy and my nephew and nieces bring to my life.

They all seriously melt my heart every time I see them.
I love spending time with them.  
I love that I get to see them grow up
And I especially love that they know they can always ALWAYS count on me.

This weekend I was overfilled with love and joy just by spending a few minutes having a dance party with them. 
Twirling these little princesses around my finger.  Spinning in circles and jumping up a down to our favorite song is just so much fun with them.

I want to treasure these moments just like I treasure the moments with Annie.

I know too soon they will end.... though I secretly hope dance parties never end because what fun would life be without a good ol' dance party.

Colt, Abbigayle, Olivia and RaeLynn- Aunt CiCi loves you all so very much!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Pioneer Woman Collection

Is anyone else out there obsessed with the Pioneer Woman?
Just me?
Y'all did you know her collection hit Walmart this morning and just about everything is sold out!!
I cannot believe it. Well I can.  But damn. I wanted some goodies and now I have to wait.
Until then I am just going to have to drool over all this deliciousness.
Shes pure genius and knows how to pull my love of kitchenware heart strings.
Hopefully I can get my hands on some of these items come September 14th.
Until then..... I'll stay in dreamland until these beauties are in my kitchen!!

Its like she designed these just to go in MY kitchen I tell ya!!

I mean the butterfly detail on this?  Its like she designed it just for me!!!

Again with the butterfly... I died again and went to kitchenware heaven!!

The old country charm details....the heavens opened up and angels are singing everywhere!

Dearest Hubby,
About that overtime you got this week......
I LOVE you!!