Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up and Labor Day

This weekend was a whirl wind I tell ya.
Thursday night we set sail to head up to Dallas to watch two of our love bird friends tie the knot at the JP on Friday morning.
The drive was long and long... and did I mention long.
5 hours with a toddler in tow and the DVD player crapping out is no fun.
For the most part we made due with lots of singing, Cheetos's and milk until she finally passed out.

Friday morning we woke early as usual with Annie and kinda lounged around and visited until it was time for the "I Do's."

After more visiting and prepping homemade pasta - YUMMY.  Our visit was up and it was time to head home with a sick little one in tow.

I don't know what we all got into but we are all kinda under the weather now.
Annie had been having a runny nose all weekend- I attributed to allergies and the 5 hour difference.
But, now that Aaron and I are both feeling it I am not so sure.
Lots of warm beverages, Vick's vapor rub and cough drops have been laying around.

Monday we kinda just lounged around and I soaked up extra snuggles with Annie and did the usual cleaning, and prepping for another week.

Sorry, but our life just wasn't too exciting around these parts this week.
Unless you count Annalise picking her nose for the first time!
Yup, and I got it all on camera!

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