Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Pioneer Woman Collection

Is anyone else out there obsessed with the Pioneer Woman?
Just me?
Y'all did you know her collection hit Walmart this morning and just about everything is sold out!!
I cannot believe it. Well I can.  But damn. I wanted some goodies and now I have to wait.
Until then I am just going to have to drool over all this deliciousness.
Shes pure genius and knows how to pull my love of kitchenware heart strings.
Hopefully I can get my hands on some of these items come September 14th.
Until then..... I'll stay in dreamland until these beauties are in my kitchen!!

Its like she designed these just to go in MY kitchen I tell ya!!

I mean the butterfly detail on this?  Its like she designed it just for me!!!

Again with the butterfly... I died again and went to kitchenware heaven!!

The old country charm details....the heavens opened up and angels are singing everywhere!

Dearest Hubby,
About that overtime you got this week......
I LOVE you!!

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