Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy (50th) Birthday Mom!

This year we celebrated my mom's 50th and my cousin Tina's 40th Birthday at our house with all of our closest family.

All 4 of her sisters and her brother showed up.
Sadly two were out of state and couldn't make it.
But nonetheless, we all had a great time.

Oldest to Youngest
Chuck, Lorinda, Beth, Kathy, Angela, Sandra

I tried to keep the decor and food simple and went with a Kate Spade- black, white and pink color scheme.
You know having a toddler ain't nobody got time for crazy amounts of cooking and decorating these days.

The day before I baked the cake and cupcakes and managed to even get the taco meat ready for the Nacho Bar.

I would say everything went off without a hitch.

Fun was had by all.

Happy 50th Mom!

Love you!

 Happy Birthday Cupcake Toppers: Hobby Lobby
Happy Birthday Banner: Hobby Lobby
Eat Me Cake Sign: Etsy
Pink Chandelier: Hobby Lobby
Black White Wrapping Paper: Hobby Lobby

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