Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was spent running errands for a majority of the day and then spent snuggling up on the couch with a book I cannot put down.  Seriously, you need to go and get it now.

Saturday was a whirlwind of a busy day. 
We woke early to go to the zoo first thing in the morning before it got over 100 degrees.  It is seriously HOT right now!


Annie wasn't too amused this go round.  Aaron was pretty bummed about it too because it was his first trip to the zoo with her.  Hopefully in the next few months as she starts learning to recognize the animals the excitement will start to set in.

After the zoo my favorite mother in law took Annie for a couple hours so Aaron and I could catch a flick and have a few drinks.  If you live the Spring, Texas or surrounding area you need the check out the old Lowe's theatre.  The have completely redone the inside and now offer cool leather electric reclining seats.  Y'all they are awesome.  I'm pretty sure we wont go anywhere but there!  We saw Mission Impossible and it was pretty good.

Afterwards we grabbed a few drinks at our favorite Mexican Restaurant- Lupe Tortilla.  I just love spending time with this man. He seriously is my dream guy.

After that I got a random text from some friends that were in the area and we met up with them to play a few rounds at Top Golf.
Aaron and I hadn't tried it out yet, but it was seriously SO much fun. I am not a golfer y'all.  I was actually quite terrible, missing the ball at least 3 to 4 times before I actually hit it.  Overall though, 2 thumbs up and super fun double date!!

Sunday was spent snuggling my favorite girl for the morning and then I finally go my house back in order after vacation and exhaustion the weeks following.  Don't you just love a clean house?  It seriously makes me all sorts of happy.

We finished the evening off with a bang at my sisters house to eat some pizza and let the kids hang out. 
Oh, and Annie said he first full sentence. "I want out!!"  She repeated it nearly 3 times for even a more dramatic affect.  I had no idea we were getting to sentences. This girl sure knows how to surprise her momma.

Happy Monday Folks!!
Don't forget to Drink your plexus!!

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