Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shoe Obsessed

I have a confession to make.  I am seriously obsessed with a pair of shoes that I cannot stop thinking about.  I want them. I mean. I NEED them
If you follow me on pinterest you may notice that I pin several outfits to my "My Style" board pretty regularly.  I have also been known to stop by and check in on this girls blog on the daily because she has the type of style that I would love to have.

Anyhow.  I recently got up enough nerve to comment on one of her pictures and ask how tall she is and how comfortable these certain shoes are because though I am recently obsessed with them I really don't know how practical they are for every day office attire.  They are described as being nearly 5 inches tall for one.  And secondly they are heels and most of the girls here at the office wear their good old "dressy flip flops" if you will.  And finally, I work with most men- who are short, who I tower over already.... see where I am going with this?

Anyhow, here is my new so called Shoe Obsession and I think I may finally have to give in after said blogger's feedback to me!

BloggerCrystal said...
I love your nine west pumps and have looked into purchasing them but am hesitant because I am so tall. I am 5'7". Do you think that they are comfortable? Also, you look pretty tall yourself but the shoes look amazing on you!
BloggerMK said...
I'm 5'7" too. I personally think they're really comfortable for how high they are. I wore them to present for three full days of workshops and my feet felt fine.

So what do you gals think? Shall I take the plunge and just order one in every color?? :)

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