Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby Rompers and Terquoise Bubbles

Does anyone have a Groop Dealz account?  If not, get your little butt over to their site and sign up...NOW!  I have already purchased a number of Christmas gifts as well as myself a few do dads for extra low prices.  Today I decided to pick up something sweet for my adorable niece that will be here in just a few more weeks.

This delicate little lace romper.  Precious right?  I bought it in bubblegum pink, just because I love the name, and I know she will be a girlie girl.  I hope my sister will really like this for baby A and that she will maybe even get a few photos of her taken in it.  Aunt Ci Ci can dream right?

Anyhow, if you don't have an account seriously go sign up.  They send emails out only about once a week so you can check out what they have.  Here is another piece they still have on sale that I bought last month. 

It's super cute, very flirty and fun and goes with just about anything.  You wont be sorry :)

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