Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Testimony Tuesday: Real Men Drink Pink

Plexus Ambassador Heidi Speer shares her husband Clint's story and shows that the #PinkDrink isn't just for women...

Plexus Ambassador Heidi Speer shares her husband Clint's story and shows that the #PinkDrink isn't just for women...

"My Plextimony is a little different than the ones you're probably used to seeing floating around. I started my Plexus journey because my wife started taking it and well...I just really liked the taste of it. I didn't have any weight to lose and I was actually trying to put on weight after getting down to a scrawny 163 lbs. For a man standing at 6'2'', that is very skinny. Overall I didn't struggle with portion or craving control, and my blood pressure and cholesterol were just fine.

So I didn't really NEED Plexus, right??

It all started out with that tasty little fruit-flavored pink drink. Plus she left these little Plexus packages laying all over the house. So naturally I drank it. One, sometimes two if I was thirsty, and even three on the days that my wife didn't catch me. I liked the taste! Give me a break!

Anyway, after about a month of her taking the products and deciding to share Plexus with others, I was being dragged along to meeting after meeting about Plexus and hearing story after story about people getting better control over cravings, losing weight, kicking sugar and caffeine habits, and just improving their overall health. I mean, I loved the taste of it, and I did actually feel better and have increased energy when I had Plexus Slim on-board, but it didn't compare to the weight loss and health testimonials that I was hearing at these meetings. Did it?

After hearing Plexus this and Plexus that for a few months, curiosity got the best of me and I caved and asked her if she thought I could benefit from the Plexus multivitamin. Well, of course she couldn't throw the XFactor vitamins my way fast enough! She was excited that I was interested in more than just the taste of the drink! I even let her in on my thoughts about the pink drink, the energy I was feeling, the fact that I was sleeping better at night, and just feeling better overall. Maybe I should've kept that to myself because then she actually started making me talk at some of her meetings.

At the beginning of 2014 we both were feeling good enough that we wanted to start really working out. Now...this was very unusual for me for a few different reasons. i would always start out with good intentions and I wanted to support my wife on her health and fitness journey while she was dealing with her medical issues, but I would always fall short. I would either get discouraged because I couldn't put on muscle or weight no matter how hard I tried, or I would just be so tired that I really couldn't be bothered to waste what little energy I did have at the gym.

So in January when we made the commitment to working out and sticking with it, I truly didn't see it going very far.

And then it happened.

In January we started back at Rivermarket Boot camp that we had been doing on and off for about a year. Before Plexus we would usually make it to a few classes and then before I knew it I was making excuses and saying "we'll go tomorrow". Well when we started back, this time was different. This time we completed the full 5 weeks, and it felt awesome!!!

In February we decided to make a commitment to working out twice a week with our trainer Bashay who owned the boot camp. Now, I wasn't sure that I would actually stick with it because that's not what I do but I can definitely say that this time was different. I WANTED to workout. WHAT?!

I felt good and now I wanted to LOOK good. I can definitely say that having my pink drink and my XFactor significantly impacted my workouts and my results. I was able to stick to a cleaner diet while working out and I knew that the pink drink was helping me burn fat instead of muscle. Not to mention the incredible energy that the XFactor gave me to get me through 2 hours of intense weight training.

Now we are coming up on a year of CONSISTENTLY working out at least 4 times a week, and I feel awesome and I'm even stronger than I was in my high school football days! And it is pretty neat getting to do this along side my wife and experience this journey together.

So for all of you out there that think this "little pink drink" is just for women, or that its all about weight loss, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. It's about overall improved health and being able to feel good about yourself on the inside AND the outside!

Real men DRINK PINK!"

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