Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Testimony Tuesday

Kristina Landrum shares ~

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you why I decided to start taking Plexus, why I decided to sell plexus, and why I continue to take Plexus. Originally I just wanted to lose 5 lbs. and I wanted to sell the products so I could get them at a wholesale cost and I would be able to make enough money to pay for my product.
My why has evolved into so much more than weight loss and wholesale prices. As I was on the product I started reading people’s testimonies; I read about people with different medical issues (infertility, PCOS, etc.), and about them getting pregnant after being on Plexus.
When I was 26 I had my hormone levels tested. My estrogen was way too high and my progesterone was way too low! If you know anything about pregnancy and hormones then you already know that you have and maintain a decent level of progesterone in order to get pregnant and in order to keep the baby once you are pregnant. I had my progesterone levels tested and my doctor was actually surprised at how low my progesterone was for somebody my age. Mine was 0.31, and it is supposed to be 0.95 to 21.00 ng/mL.
So, as advised, I immediately started taking hormone replacement therapy. At that point in my life I didn't want to be pregnant, but I was thinking about my future; about how one day I would get married and how I would want to have a baby.
I continued to pay for the blood work and continued to pay for the medication, but my levels never really got close to the reference range. Eventually the blood work and medication became too expensive, so I stopped having my levels tested and stopped the medication.
Then I found Plexus Slim; it was a product that I loved and I felt great on! Like I said, I found out that people were able to get pregnant while on Plexus so I was even more intrigued and drawn to the products.
My husband and I decided to start trying, and within no time I was able to conceive! I let my doctor know and she was actually quite shocked that I was able to conceive without any sort of medication or any medical intervention.

That was my why, but it has evolved passed that again, because now that I am pregnant I want to be a stay at home mom. I am going to be a stay at home mom and I don’t have any guilt about that because I have my Plexus check to help supplement my husband’s pay check. I am so blessed and grateful to have that income coming in and we are so blessed to have conceived a daughter, and I really do put all of that into God and Plexus!

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