Friday, July 12, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

This post will short and sweet.  Lets get straight to the point.

July 3rd I had my second ultrasound to see if we could get the baby to show itself. I was both nervous and excited.  Nervous, because we had planned another gender reveal party on the 4th and I wasn't sure he/she was going to show itself.  Excited, because well, duh, were going to know what we are having in less than 24 hours if this little pumpkin cooperated today.

On the way to the Dr. I took a lot of my mommy friends advice and chugged some orange juice.

When Aaron and I finally arrived at the Dr. they told us they were running behind. Just great!  All I need is that sugar to run out of me and baby not make a move.  I wasn't very happy, but oh well what can ya do but wait.
Finally we were in after about an hour.  We once again told he didn't want to know until the next day.  She proceeded checking the baby's movement and fingers and toes.  His/ Her brain, heart, etc.  We got to look at the screen for a little bit and see our we little one moving and kicking around and she said that it was even almost in the same position as it was last time.  I asked "well can you tell what it is?"  She said "Oh yea, I saw that a while ago."  YAAAAAY!!! Happy Dance!
After the ultra sound and my Doctor checked everything over we headed out to celebrate.  I had to pick up a few things for the party.  Finally.  And hubby decided we needed a dinner celebration we stopped in at Olive Garden and devoured a Tour of Italy together.  Then we topped it off with my favorite desert.  You have to try those little donuts if you haven't.  They. Are. Heaven!
The next day we woke up bright and early.  Packed the car down with our decorations and headed to my sisters for the party.  After everything was set up it was just time to wait for everyone to show up. 

After stuffing our faces with some BBQ and deserts it was time!!



I am so so happy God has blessed us with a sweet little girl!! I cannot wait to meet our sweet little angel!!

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