Monday, September 19, 2011

Friday night Lights

Tonight the FSIL and FMIL decided to come over and we worked on some signs to place around the neighborhood for when Aaron finally arrives home.  I cannot believe that our wait is finally over.  This year has been a whirlwind of ups and down, in and outs, stress, fear, fun, laughter, cryings, sadness and strength. 

We first started out with some delicious dinner complementary of this chef here.  I decided to make my new favorite recipe; Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Super duper easy and super duper yummy.  So yummy in fact I have no left overs!

I also decided to treat us ladies with some homemade brownies from a box with some reeses pieces mixed in.  They were to die for!!  So. Good!

Then we topped off everything with some freshly blendeds strawberry daqs. Yumm!  I mean you can't have a ladies night with delicious adult beverages. 

So we layed an old sheet on the living room floor and sprawled out with our paint, markers and glitter. Glitter makes everything better and started our creations and I have to say they did turn out great....
Take a gander!

We are going to place these around the entry way to his mom's neighborhood and then our neighborhood to welcome him home! I think he will be pleasantly suprised that we made these ahead of time and he will know we really have missed him.

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