Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Loosin' for the Cuisin'

Yea, yea, I know that was super corny but I am excited to announce that the hubbs and I will be finally going on a cruise together this November.  He has been on a couple before but I haven't ever.  My sister-n-law in getting married and then honeymooning on the Royal Carribean so she decided to invite us along.  Boats a big I hear so we shouldn't interupt their fun too much. 
We booked our cruise last week so now I am even more motivated than ever to get this happy marriage weight off of me.  How does that happen so quick?  You get married your happy, and loving life and 20 pounds later your like.... WTF.  How did this happen?  I worked so friggin' hard to get it tip top shape for the wedding and now by the looks of me you couldnt' even tell.
So this is it.  Time to step up my A-Game and work it out... work it out... Crap now I have that Walk it out song stuck in my head!

I have a great love/ hate relationship with Jillian Michaels so i thought I would give her another try and look at her Ripped in 30 DVD.  I did it last night and come circut 3 I was cursing her out.  That is one tough Lady.  But she knows just what to say to keep you moving, to keep your confidence up and to keep you from quitting.  That and the background cheering I got from my husband from upstairs.  After my whimpering and growling because I thought my arms were about to fall off I hear him..."Babe, keep going. Your doing awesome, your almost done!"
Okay, Okay, I really can do this!  I finished and was glad I did. 
Day One down and now only 29 more to go.


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