Monday, September 17, 2012

Because You're Mine I Walk the Line: Engagement Shoot Part 3

After we played around on the tracks for a while, we decided to settle down and do some ground shots.  Roberto picked the perfect spot in front of this old brick home that is now a shop in old town spring and we decided to park it there for a few shots.  Mind you it was 5:30 in the afternoon and the town was bustling with traffic and here we are in the midst of it taking pictures.  Everyone was honking and gawking at us.  It was quite commical but we got yet again, some more great pics.

Just me and the honey

Then we grabbed the fur babies for a couple.  This one is my absolute favorite from the entire day.  It is now in my office :)

Then we were told to kiss some more... and we gladly obliged.  It kind of looks like Duke wants to kiss Lucy too but shes too busy smiling.

Then we moved over to the side of the building.  I love how my top almost matches it.  Very cool.  I was told to look like I am in love and day dream for these next too.  Not sure if I accomplished that or not....

I do however, love Aarons sweet smile in this one :)

Not sure what he was told to do, but he looks adorable as usual.

Then came time for more kisses.  I really liked that, hence the dimples decided to come out again ;)
I like this one... it reminds me of a scene from a romance movie or something.  We would never really kiss like that.

It started to get dark so we tracked over to another gazebo and took a few more just as the sun was setting.  This one reminds me of an old picture... not sure if it is just the coloring or how we are looking at each other.

kissy, kissy, kissy...

*All Images by Digital Solution Pro**
And one final one as the sun finally set and ended our engagment shoot.  All of these pictures were used to make our signature book for our wedding and it turned out amazing.  I think our guest really enjoyed it.  I'll talk more about that another time.

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