Saturday, September 15, 2012

Because You're Mine I Walk the Line: Engagement Shoot

This is nearly a year past but I thought I would start off some wedding recaps by showing off our amazing Engagement Shoot.  I was so excited about putting this together and finally being able to take pictures with my fiance.  He had just arrived home about two weeks before this shoot and we were just so happy and in love and enjoying every moment we could together.

We decided to take our pictures in Old Town Spring.  Its the town that Aaron and I grew up so it felt comfortable to be there and has the old world charm that Aaron and  I just love.  First up, what I like to call the front porch shots.

This photo captures an essence of us, the everyday us... happy, content and just loving life and everything it has to offer us. 


My step mom's favorite's because you can see my dimple's and my goofy look!
I love the shots with Duke and Lucy, they behaved so well and Lucy ate the camera up. Duke was such a  little guy. I think we had only had him about a week when these were done.  He just chilled most of the time.
Next up we found a cute little courtyard with a old concrete table and decided to do some picnic shots there....
Yes, that really is Lucy in the basket.  She wasn't photo-shoped in.

I just love the coloring Roberto did on this photo.  The colors really pop.  I think Duke was trying to get away from me, he doesn't look too happy.

So good to have you home... I missed your face!!

We make a pretty cute couple I might say...

Part of my "love is sweet" sign that will be used for the wedding.

And of course a great ring shot. 
Next up. More engagement pictures by the railroad tracks.

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