Friday, September 14, 2012

Paparazzi... love em or hate em?

I have never really kept up with the Royalty of England until Kate Middleton came along.  Like many women her age, we look up to her, we admire he style, grace and of course that fairy tales really do come true! 

Recently there have been pictures that have surfaced of her sunbathing topless all over the web. 
Honestly, this just makes me mad and sick to my stomach.  Kate is a wonderful, respectable woman of our time and I just cant believe that people go above and beyond to do anything to release these pictures.  She cannot get away from them even for a minute just to enjoy some sun with her husband. 
I ask that people would not support the magazines that will try to publish this.  I have heard that the royal family stands beside Kate and that they will be suing the magazine that has published the images. 

It just rubs me the wrong way that people would go through such means to interrogate Kate and make her feel so exposed, belittled and probably embarrassed in front of the entire world in such a way.

That being said she is handling the situation just as we would expect; with composure, grace and poise and her dignity still in tact.  She is someone that I believe all of us ladies will look to to and admire for years to come.

All Images taken from Yahoo Images
By the way, don't you wish all of us could just raid Kate's wardrobe for just one day!

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