Sunday, September 16, 2012

Because You're Mine I Walk the Line: Engagement Shoot Part 2

Our next stop was across the street for some railroad track pictures but first Roberto wanted to get one of each of us with our fur babies.
Us ladies went first.... Can you see the smile on Lucy's face! 

Then came the men, and I have to say they are pretty darn cute!

Next we got to go get "comfy" if that's what you call it on the railroad tracks and kiss a good while.  That was fun.

Some close ups of our hands and the ring!

I really like our photographer, I got to kiss my fiance quite a bit!!
Walk to me, walk to me... keep on walking....
All the while, this little old lady was asking what time the train was coming??

Duke and Lucy just relaxed while we enjoyed the spotlight...

or goof around a bit!

Then, I was told to whisper sweet nothings in Aaron's ear. I wish I could remember what I said.

And we wrapped it up...I think this is one of my favorites...Simple again, just like us!!
Wait, there is just a little bit more to come.

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