Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Because You're Mine I Walk the Line: Beautiful Bridals

I was so excited that the time finally had come for me to get all glammed up in my entire wedding day attire.  I just so happened to also schedule my bridal shoot the day of my 28th Birthday (how often can you have professional pictures done on YOUR birthday, in YOUR WEDDING GOWN?)

I stopped over and had my hair done by one of my bridesmaids, Heather and then jetted back over to the house to have my sister complete my look by doing my makeup.  It just so happened about that time it started to rain a little. 

I knew we were expected some bad weather but I was really praying it would hold off til the following day.  We had chosen to do the shoot at a beautiful old church in downtown Houston, but with the weather not cooperating I wasn't sure what was going to happen.  I was getting nervous that the pictures I had envisioned would not turn out so well....

As my sister and I made the final touches to my face we set out the door to head downtown.  About 20 minutes into our drive a get a call.   It's my photographer. "Crystal, its completely black downtown, pouring down rain.  Do you still want to do the shoot today?"

Ummmm... let me think about this.  I took the day off, I got my hair and make up done, I am in my dream dress. "Yes, Of course! Do you think we should?  Where else can we do them?"
Roberto makes a few other suggestions such as studio shots or possibly going to a local school and doing them there because it has a large covered area.

We decide to go to the school.  And guess what?  They turned out great.  Not at all what I had been imagining the last few months but I have learned to work with what ya got and I think everything turned out A OK....

Karissa one of the extra photographers was in shock that I had decided to go through with the shoot.  I think Roberto was too.  But with only 3 weeks til the wedding, we needed to get 'r done!!!

I leave you... the beautiful bridals:

** All photos by Video Solution Pro**
I think after the shoot and I saw everything together I was even more in love with my boots, my bouquet and my dress.  I just loved how everything worked.  How it all mixed well and I was even more excited to see how my vision of our rustic wedding would turn out on our wedding day. 
Stay tuned.  Wedding Recaps are up next!!!

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