Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bridal Shower Reveal

So now that the bridal shower is over I want to show you some of the details.  I think it turned out amazing and I think Bridgett was very happy as well.

Over all the decorations turned out quite nice.  I should have grabbed one more tablecloth to drape over the bookshelves but no one really seemed to mind.
For snacks I provied, spicy chicken wraps that I prepared the night before, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and vanialla with vanialla frosting cupcakes (very weddingish) deviled egss and cilantra avacado ranch dip with tortiall chips.  I also found this great punch recipe on pinterest that was so amazing we had to make another run to the grocery store for seconds!!
I think the bride was happy as well as her guests.  Full, happy and we had fun playing a few games such as the popular toilet paper dress game and a few others.  One that was a favorite was pass the bouquet.  Its a verision of hot potatoe meets musical chairs.  When the music stops the person with the bouquet sits out until there is one last person with the bouquet.  Turns out, the bouquet was more the victim than anyone else.  All that was left were a few petals and leaves all over the floor!! It was fun though.
Anyone else have any non- tradional games that you played at your shower?  How did they tun out?

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