Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homemade Chicken Enchilladas

Oh. My. Gosh. Ya'll.  The other night me and the hubbs were trying to decide what to make for dinner and he suggested Chicken Enchiladas.  We are on this so called "diet" ya know so I was a bit hessitant but I thought what the heck, I am tired and it can't be too hard, even though I haven't ever made them before!
Well, I was right.  They weren't hard to make at all and guess what's even better?  They turned out amazing.  So amazing that I had to go back for just one more!

So we went to the store to pick up a few items. I was lacking for one, chicken and the other some cheese and some tortillas.  Ya can't really make enchilladas without that right?

So I got home with my items and pulled out two cans of Old El Paso Enchilada sauce and just followed the recipe on the back for the beef version but just used chicken. 

First I put about 3 chicken breast in a skillet with about an inch of water and let that cook up really good.  Once that was cooked completely I drained the water and chopped the chicken up nice and small.  After that I just added the chicken back to the same skillet added a cup of cheese and one can of sauce.  Stirred it up a bit and had this nice looking yummy smelling mixture of cheesy chicken goodness.

After that I sprayed my glass casserole dish and put aside.  I rolled up each corn tortilla with about two spoonfulls of the chicken cheesy mixture and placed each one seam side down in the pan.  Once I was done I topped them with the other can of sauce and about another cup of cheese. YUM!

I baked them for about 25 minutes until the cheese was nice and melted and gooey.

And what did we have?  The most perfectly tasting chicken Enchilladas we had ever had.  I served some refried beans on the side and a small portion of chips.  Perfect dinner, perfect portions. :)

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