Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dr. Pepper Cupcakes

If you have a pinterest account and are as addicted to it as I am I am sure you have seen these babies. They are called Dr. Pepper Cupcakes!!  What? Thats right, I said Dr. Pepper cupcakes!!!  If your from Texas you know that no home is complete without some Dr. Peppers to offer your guest.
Recently, my brother in law had a birthday so I decided I would try these yummies out.  He loves Dr. Pepper so I knew they would be perfect for a labor day BBQ, birthday celebration.  I followed this recipe and I must say that they turned out delicious.  Soft, light, and airy with the perfect consistency of chocolate perfection!!

If your in the mood for something sweet, try these cupcakes out.  You wont regret it..
3 maybe, but not one or two!!

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