Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Canvas for my Office

I am so excited about my canvas that just came in.  A couple weeks ago I finally decided to go ahead and do all the reviews for my vendors on Wedding Wire.  It took a good while to do all of them, and to remember the good and the bad, but once I completed at least five reviews a little box popped up and offered me a free canvas for my reviews.  They come from a place called Easy Canvas Prints

I had finally received my CD from my photographer so I decided I would love to have a print from our wedding day.  I decided to select one of my most favorite pictures for the canvas and honestly I couldn't be happier.  All I had to do was pay shipping and I had a beautiful print in about 10 days.  Easy peasy!!

Here is the proof.

 I love looking at it everyday and everyone that comes in and out of my office always compliments it.  My camera isn't cooperating so I can't download the picture of what it looks like on the wall but I promise you, its beautiful. I love the textures and I am so glad that I decided to get it in black and white.  Just adds even more to that old vintage look of our wedding that I loved so much. 

If you're a bride, go and do your reviews on wedding wire.  They say you only have 30 days after you get married but really who wants to write reviews just 30 days after your a new wife. I know I didn't.
Oh, and if you need a gift or you want to get some prints done yourself I would highly recommend using Easy Prints.   I am thinking I may have to order a couple more when it comes time to move into our house... shhhh don't tell the hubby! ;)

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