Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 2 of Jillian Killing Me

Today I seriously think my legs are going to give out at any given moment.  They are so sore!!  I got home last night after a few errands to run for the office and was exhausted, beyond exhausted, just plain right tired. All I could think about was plopping my  little fat but on the couch and conk out.  Unfortunately, Jillian was calling my name, and it wasn't just a whisper. "Do you want to look like a cow on that cruise? I don't think so!!! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE AND WORK OUT NOW!!"  "Okay, Okay..." 

So I mustered up what little energy I had, changed and marched downstairs while telling my sleepy husband that I would start dinner in 30 minutes... unless he wanted to cook.  Turns out, hes the sweetest man ever and decided to cook for me!  He's so good to me.
30 minutes later, sweat dripping off me I am done and I feel accomplished even though I just want to eat now and go to bed.  I walk upstairs to smell dinner almost complete and kiss my sweetie and thank him so much for helping me out.  I think I might need to let him cook more often because the chicken he made was delicious, either that or I was so tired and hungry I could've cared less what it tasted like.
Needless to say, I have another day down. And a million more to go.  Not really just 28.  28 more days and well see how this body looks.  Here's to hoping it'll look a little lighter, a littler tighter and I'll be a lot happier!
Have a blessed day everyone!!

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