Friday, August 19, 2011

The Perfect Venue: Boulder Springs

If you've miss out on the journey catch up here and here.

After visiting Lindsay Lakes I have to admit I was pretty adamant on going with Amber Springs, but I couldn't shake the feeling of checking out Boulder Springs to make sure that Amber is what I should go with.  If you remember, Linda had told me they were opening a brand new facility in Magnolia, TX, May of 2012, and that it would look almost identical to Boulder Springs.  Everything she said except the landscape; Crystal Springs is being built on an old tree farm.

After a few phone calls trying to beg someone to take a 3 hour road trip with me just the check it out my FMIL agreed.  We set out one hot early Sunday Morning and after approx 3 hours of listening to stories of Aaron's "little boy" stories and about how much he really REALLY loved me we were finally at our destination.

After looking over the entire facility I couldn't help but fall in love.  The white stone, the elegant, yet, rustic, country feel this place had was unbelievable!!  My heart pitter-pattered in excitement that our wedding venue could look like this! 

That and I was sold on the doors. 

*All photos Via Project Wedding

The Iron detailing, the scroll work.  Ahhhhhh! This place had stole my little Texas heart!  I'm actually upset because I had my FMIL take my picture in front of these very doors and a few months ago my iphone was lost by my ding dong handsome fiance with them inside. This makes me a sad bride, a very, very sad bride.  But...on the bright side, I can drool over pictures like this knowing that Aaron and I will have amazing photos in front of them.

Image Via Onewed ; Photography by D Coleman Photography

Photo Via Cory Parris

 I keep falling madly in love with door pictures like this and I couldn't help but day dream that me and Aaron could have pictures like that to swoon over for years and years to come.

Another detail that did not and will not go unnoticed is that of the stairway....
* photo Via Project Wedding
I can just see us now as the DJ annouces us as a couple for the second time of the day and us prancing down these stairs with the biggest smiles on our faces to welcome everyone to our crazy-fun reception.  Can you see it now, like I do?

Photo Via Kells Irish Pub

Okay, okay, enough day dreaming.  Lets get down to a few more pictures of the rest of the place shall we?  I can day dream all day if you'll let me.

The Gazebo

Bridal Suite (I can see me and my ladies playing dress up in here now)
*All photos Via Project Wedding

That Monday I went up to Amber Springs to discuss the details with Linda and put our deposit down.  I later called Aaron to tell him the news (of course I got approval first ya'll)  and told him "There's no backin' out now babe!!!"

So ya'll what do you think?  Do you think Crystal Springs has everything a bride could ever dream of for her wedding day?   I would say so but I may be a little biast just because of the name !!

Now I just had to wait until May when the darn place is done being built and hope I didn't make a huge mistake.

Did any other brides out there choose a venue before it was even built?  Please tell me there are a few of you out there.

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