Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sneak Peak!!

The wedding is finally over and I seriously could not be happier the way everything played out.  Everything was seriously perfect....well just about everything.  There were a few things that could have played out differently but when it is all said and done I am completly happy with our wedding. I got to marry my best friend, the man I will share the rest of my life with and that makes everything worth it.

Since I dont have all of our professional pictures back I can just share with you a couple sneak peeks from out big day. 
The love I felt radiating from everyone that day was undescribable. I remember reading several blogs about just sitting back and relaxing and taking the moment in.  I specifically remember making myself do this at dinner. I just finished scarfing down our wonderful BBQ that was catered by All-Star Catering in Willis, TX. If your in the area and looking for a Caterer you cannot go wrong with them. Everyone told us how amazing the food was, and seriously you never hear that at weddings!!

I sat there in my seat on stage next to my handsome husband and just looked across the room at everyone, at everything and just took a deep breath in to take it all in.  I thought, this is really happening, this is the day I have waited for the last 400 plus days. This is the moment every bit of my hard work, heart and soul has poured into and this moment has arrived.  People were chating about the room, people smiling, laughing and my heart was over filled with joy.  The joy I never know if I will experience like that again.

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