Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Southern Belle Bouquets

I official launched my company for Southern Belle Bouquets back in March.  Since then I have gotten quite a few orders for my fabric bouquets.  Its so funny how every bride is different in the style, theme and color that they choose for their wedding.  I thought today I would show you some of my bouquets and what I have been spending my down time on from time to time.

First up is just a reminder of what my bouquet looked like.  I spent countless hours scourin the internet for the perfect purple bouquet but nothing compared to the vision I had in mind...

(Photos by : Digital Solution Pro)
Alas, she was done.  So beautiful, so feminine, rustic and antique at the same time.  I am still so in love with my bouquet.  The countless hours, cuts and hot glue gun burns were all worth while.  
I also realized how passionate I am for creating these bouquets and making each one perfect and beautiful in their own way.

This was my first offical order for a girl from work. She heard what I did for my wedding and asked if I would do one similar but in hues of blue. 

This was a corsage I made for the daughted of the lady I used to work with.  She wanted something for prom that would last forever.  I think I could say I accomplished that.

I even hand sticked on the back "Prom 2012" so years from now she can remember that fun day!!

These are some corsages I made for a bride going with a camo theme.

 This is the bouquet for my "Camo Bride"
So far I think I am off to a great start. I just need to get our house more organized now after the move to get some more orders rolling in.
Dont forget to check out my etsy shop either. 


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