Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jim, Jack, Johnny Red, Johnny Black, and Jose; all my favorite men.

Recently I had the opportunity to make an amazing arrangement for my friends Birthday.  She found this picture on Pinterest and asked if I could do something similar.

Though I haven't done anything like before I was totally down for the task.  She was having a Heaven and Hell themed birthday party so I thought this idea pretty much rocked.
I went to my beloved hobby lobby and went to town picking out my materials following this gals insturctions.  When I arrived home I got started with my BFF, my hot glue gun and the end product was beyond amazing. I am so pleaseed how they turned out.
The next day I was so excited to deliver these to the birthday girl and boy was she happy.  She told me they were a huge hit!!!


 *Personal Images from a friend*
If your looking for the perfect gift for someone you have no idea what to get them.  I would totally do this.  They wont be diappointed!!

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