Thursday, February 6, 2014

Total Conditioning Kicked My Butt

Last night I finally got up enough nerve to go back to my beloved TC class at my gym. TC is the class that whipped my butt into shape before my big day. I had a love hate relationship with it for the months leading up to my wedding. I loved it becuase I started to see results right away. I hated it because I thought I would loose my cookies every class. I left exhausted and woke up sore as hell.

Nevertheless, I continued to go week after week and on my by my big day I had shedded a whopping 25 pounds.

Here I was walking back into that dreaded yet loved class to loose not 25 pounds but hopefully 50 pounds of the baby weight and happy marriage weight I had put in in a less than 2 years.

Here's to a class I love to hate and hate to love.

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