Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Annalise Faith- 7 month update

Seriously like is my clock just running on fast speed these days.  Feels like I just took her 6 month pictures and now she is 7 months and sitting up all on her own.

This month has been a big month for us. She is sitting up really well on her own and we took our first vacation as a family.  Plane ride and all. She got to visit and meet most of our family from New York for the first time too.  (that will be yet another post once I get the time)

This month Annie girl has truly turned into a  little girl.

She is wanting to eat more food. 
Trying out new things- Miss Independent over here.
She is sitting up and trying to grab and play with more toys.
She is being more receptive to mommy and daddy while we are talking to her.
She loves to play and laugh with her cousins.

Its just crazy to see her grow and change from day to day. 
I am loving every minute of it but sometimes I feel like it is just going by way too fast.
Add work into the mix, trying to have a life, and spend time with the hubby and family and before you know it I'm going to be balling my eyes out because she is heading to kindergarten.
Don't. Even. Go. There!!


I am truly loving this little girl and being her mommy though. 
We finally made the time to take some family pictures and I will have those posted soon, but for now, your enjoyment.

I give you...Annalise... 7 months old.

Selfie with momma!

I just wanna pull her hair!!

Finally sitting up and playing my piano!!!

I love sitting on the couch on my own without help!!! (this also the first dress I bough Annie, I bought it the day we found out she was a girl...so glad she is finally in it!!)


MMMMM.... sweet potatoes or peas....

I got this mom....

Big girl in the grass for only the second time.  (moms not a fan of bugs)
(this is in Aunt Diane's yard in New York)

First Vacation to Niagra Falls with Mommy and Danny

Cheesing for the camera while looking at the Falls!

My first selfie in the airport, while delayed!!

So content all of the time....

My not so big but not so little baby anymore!!

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