Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Annalise Faith 8 Months

Oh my sweet Jesus!! Where is the time going.  I feel it quickly slipping through my fingers and I am trying so hard to hold on for dear life for every single second to absorb all this precious time with my sweet girl.

She has grown so much this month and is really starting to show her true personality. I know I have said it time and time again but she is such a happy girl. She only fusses when she tired, hungry or teething I swear.  I already know if and when we have another child it will not be this easy.  She is seriously an angle from above.  I love her.

I want to spend all the time I can when I get home just holding her, playing with her, and spending time with her. 

This month month she has grown in 2 more teeth for a grand total of 4 now!!  She loves to smile and show them off along with her adorable dimples.

She officially said "da da" this month.  I picked her up from our friends house one envening and she was just saying it over and over again.  I was really hoping that she would have said it first in front of him but I know with both of us working we have and will miss those moments, so instead I decided to not tell Aaron and wait until she just said it.

The next morning was a Saturday and we woke up and had her in bed with it and I kid you not..she rolled over and looked at Aaron and said "Da Da!"  with the cutest smile to follow.  You could just see his heart melt that very instant. It was one of those moments I know I will never forget.

And now for pictures....

Dr visit for her poor tummy. She has always had such a hard time going...but with lots of apple juice and her favorite fruit, prunes she is doing so much better!!

Early morning about to head out w/ daddy to day care!  Looking like such a big girl these day!!

Oh mom....your always taking pictures of me...

Finally got my car....im ready to cruise!!!

Fun times at dinner!!

Yummy breadstick...my first bite of big girl food!

Best part of my days... snuggling w/ this angel!!
Getting too big!!!

My Sweet Annie,
This month I pray that you continue to grow and develop in so many new and exciting ways. I pray that you continue to learn new things and new words. I pray that your bones and muscles continue to grow and develop so that you might be a strong little girl. My sweet girl you are such a blessing to both your daddy and I. We love you so much. We are so blessed that you are ours and that the Lord has given you to us to teach us his ways and to fall in love with Him. We are so excited for the future we have for you and all that you will teach us as parents. Thank you so much lord for all your blessings.

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