Monday, October 24, 2011

125 Days Out

So if you remember this post I was going a little crazy.  I have really tried to start prioritiziing things that need to get done and I am making progress.  I made myself stay home yesterday afternoon and we knocked out some more of the invititions.  Those are taking a while but not near as long as those crazy save the dates.  I think we may make our target of November 1st.  I hope anyways.  I just need to really focus on them this week and I think we will be good!
So I started with this and now I have a few things checked off...hallajeuah!
- Finish Corsages for moms, grandmas and speakers,
- finish last 3 bouquets and 1 toss bouquet
-Make "Here comes the bride" sign
-Make appoinment for Bridal pictures
-Book Baker
-Order and complete construction of Wedding Invitations
-Pick out Grooms/Groomsmen Atire-Pick out flower girl and Ring Bearer Atire
-Get Passports
- Aaron's Ring!Ok, so not really.  But I got 3 things done.  I am wondering if I can get the rest done by the end of this month. 
I have to admit though.  With the new addition of our family. I am having a hard time focusing when all I want to do is lay around and cuddle with my fur babies.

Custest fur-babies ever! 

So I plan on knocking this list out of the ball park this week.  OH and I am super excited because we have our engagment picture shoot on Wednesday.  I am really going to try to watch what I eat the next few days so I am sure to look my absolute best!
Yall have a great Monday!

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