Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Engagement Inspiration

With our engagement pictures right around the corner I have kinda gone into panic mode.  What do we wear?  What "look" are we going for?  Do I wanna wear a dress?  Should we dress casual?  Where should we take our pictures?

So many questions and only a few weeks to decide.  That being said I had some down time yesterday so I came up with a few inspiration boards for our pictures.  I am hoping that we can get kind get pictures that a cute, classy and fun.  I also want a  few that are casual, relaxed, and us!

So I present you our outfit options:
1. DSW, 2. Modcloth, 3. Express

As you can tell, I really like Mod Cloth, DSW and Express.  The reason I chose so many outfits from the same stores is to save on shipping charges.  I am not a big gotothestore shopper.  I prefer to online it if I can and as much as possible.  If it doesn't fit or look right I have no problem returning it.  But, lucky for me most of the time, items I buy are dead on perfect~ is a gift!!

Of the inspiration me and Aaron are really diggin on the first and the last.  I think the pops of yellow and blue are perfect and I have the most amazing blanket that will work perfect for some cute picnic pictures perhaps!
The last slide with the grays are perfect as we both look great in gray because of our blue eyes.  And I think any man in flannel looks good!
You think I am on the right track with our engagement shoot or I need to keep on looking? 

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