Wednesday, May 29, 2013

13 Weeks

Baby is the size of a peach!!

How Far Along:  13 weeks today!

Total Weight Gain/ Loss: up 2 pounds pre-pregnancy.  I think that is pretty good so far. I am really trying to make healthier choices and eat about 5 to 6 small meals a day.  since I started out being over weight I would really like to just gain baby weight if possible.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I had to start wearing them at about 10 weeks since I just didn't feel comfortable in any of my clothes anymore.  I can still wear most of my tops and dress pants with a belly band.  My step mom has been very generous in helping me expand my maternity wardrobe since I am so cheap and don't want to spend money on them.
I bought this one and this one

Stretch Marks: a little bit on my boob-age area I noticed, but those suckers I swear grew a size over night and I caught it a little late.  None around the baby belly area yet though.  I have started to use Mustella Cream at night though.  I  found some at Target for only $27.00 so I snapped it up.  My family is genetically prone to stretch marks though so I'm sure I'm doomed anyways but I'd like to prevent if possible.

Symptoms:  Finaallly I have some energy!  These last 10 weeks have been horrific for my energy levels.  Still get very queasy at the site of eggs and the smell of my fur-babies when they come in from outside.  I have my fabreeze plugs running in every corner of the house now to help combat the dogie smells.

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good.  I got a kick of insomnia a few nights ago and was up for about 2 hours straight just playing on pinterest.  And for the most part I wake up once or twice to pee and then I knock back out pretty easily.

Best Moment of the Week:  Nothing too exciting on the baby front.  We just have been anxiously waiting for our house to be done.  We finally have electric and running water... so that some great news!!  I also went dress shopping for my cousins wedding yesterday and found two great maternity dresses at Motherhood by Jessica Simpson I plan to wear.  I actually feel pretty and pregnant to fat and ugly so that's a start too.

Miss Anything: Nothing too terrible, but I did have a dream that I was in a bar about to take a shot and then I realized I was pregnant and didn't.  I wouldn't even dream of drinking while pregnant.  And I have been craving Starbucks like no body's business so hubby took me to get one Saturday morning. I got a decaf to nix my craving.  I think it worked because I didn't even finish it.

Movement:  Not yet, but today my stomach has been growling more than normal so I ate an early lunch!

Food Cravings: Water, Plums, Strawberries and Flautas

Anything Making you Queasy or Sick:  I went 13 weeks without getting sick until this past Saturday.  I don't know if it was pregnancy or the food.  We had Mexican food Saturday and I bit into something, not sure what it was and it was over for me.  didn't help that the bathroom was about a mile away from our table.  Eh I don't even wanna talk about it.  I'm just thankful Ive only been sick one time instead of daily like most pregnant ladies are.

Have you started to show yet: I think so.  I have gotten a few comments that my bump is showing.  So its kinda nice but weird too.  I don't like people staring at me.

Baby is a: We don't know yet!  Hopefully I can schedule my gender ultra sound this next Dr. apt.

Belly Button In or Out:  In

Wedding Rings On or Off:  On

Feeling Happy or Moody:  Happy! and overall just excited that I am finally pregnant after so many months of trying and I am going to be a mom. ;)

Looking Forward To: My Dr apt on Wednesday, starting to plan our gender reveal party and visiting my family in NY this weekend.

Goals this Week:  To Make dinner every night until I leave my hubby for 5 days for a wedding in NY.  To work out 2 nights this week- hopefully.

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