Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Port-A-Potty Has Arrived!!!

Who knew that a port-a-potty could make this girl so excited.  We got out to our property late last Saturday evening to find not only a port-a-potty sitting on our lot but this.

Admiring Precision Homes work.

Yup, that is our frame to our house.  THE. FRAME!!! What?  I am so totally excited to see these small pieces of wood framing the outline of our dream home.  Our house is actually going to be standing here in just a few more short months.  I don't think I could wipe the grin off my face for the rest of the evening. We were so excited. 

This view is from the front door area looking towards our utility room.
Going out the property on Saturday we just expected to find the electric pole had been put up and decided to scope out where they wanted us to clear some brush.  What we were not expecting was our frame to be put up too.
Aaron showing me this will be the kitchen.... my DREAM kitchen!!

The rain here has really been a drag the last couple weeks.  Its so wishy washy.  Off and on, rains hard then just drizzles, then dries up completely for a day and then starts the viscous cycle all over again.  It really sucks!!  Rain just go away so they can pour our foundation and get the show on the road already.  Please....pretty please!  I would really love to be in my home by August... September 1st at latest.  So rain man, please work with me this summer so we can be in our forever home sooner than later.

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