Monday, October 20, 2014

Annalise 6 Month Update

*** so old I know. But I finally took the time to add the pictures**.
** I will be on track one day right?***

Oh my gosh y'all, I cannot believe that my sweet Annie girl is 6 months.
Seriously where the heck has the time gone!
I feel like I just brought her home and she was this teeny tiny princess I was now responsible for.

Now, she is a growing sweet angel, with one sweet personality that just shines out of her.
She is always so happy.
Oh, I love it.

I love watching her grow every day.
There are days I come home from work and I say to her, "Annie girl you grew today, I know it!!"
She will just laugh and coo back at me.
Its so sad how fast she is growning but I love it at the same time.

Is it really possible to love a little person as much as I love her?
I feel like my heart can explode sometimes with the love I feel for this little girl.

She is truly the biggest blessing that I have ever known in my life.
She makes our family complete and I love that feeling.
I love knowing that God gave me her to look after, to care for, to teach and for her to teach me.
For me to learn patience, how to guide her to know Him, and to Love Him.
For us to have a bond that only mothers and daughters have.
For me to know the joy of raising a child (I prayed for, for so long)
For me to know the sadness when she is sick when there is nothing I can do but try my best to make the right decisions and to comfort her to feel better.


Annie has hit quit a few milestones this month.
* Her first tooth finally came through about 2 weeks before she was 6 months.
* She can roll both ways now, easily, but still hates, HATES being on her Tummy.
*She is now comfortable sitting with support in her bouncer and her new Jumper-roo.
*She smiles, laughs, talks and says "momamamama" all the time.
*She is so long for her age, in the 97th percentile for height, and only the 16th percentile for her weight. (My tiny string bean)
*She is starting to grab on and hold items in her hands, especially my hair and her bib.
* And oh, the teething. Anything and everything in that girls mouth especially her fingers and her bib, that has now become a permanent staple in her wardrobe.

My Sweet girl.
This next month I pray for you to continue to grow big and strong.
I wish for you to keep learning and experiencing the things around you.
To look at, feel and touch things to sharpen your senses and your wonder.
I hope you continue to like your veggies like your momma does and try new foods easily.
I hope you continue to build your muscles in your legs and arms and tummy so that you will be crawling soon.
And most of all I pray that you and your daddy I will continue to cherish these moments together as I know they are slipping between our fingertips so quickly and you will soon be a mobile baby.

I love you angel girl.


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